Monday, March 29, 2010

Smartest Colt in the World!! - Clicker Training

I think Chrome is by far the smartest most engaged horse I've ever worked with. This is why I wanted a weanling and I'm happy it's working out so far. I just did Chrome's third target training session. I'm adding the voice cue "touch" just before he touches the target. I have no idea how long it'll take before he makes a connection since this is the first time I've taught this to a horse. I started out on the outside of the fence like last time, but I quickly realized he was ready to do more.

I went into the pasture and had him walking all around me touching the target. He only went for my hands a couple of times, but he didn't bite me or anything, just smelled them and moved on. I had him walking half circles around me to touch the target and I had him curling his neck under to touch the target next to his chest and around to touch it near his side. I may be able to use this to teach him to do warm up stretches lol.

I'm amazed how quickly he's learning all of this. I'm sure by the next session I'll have him following the target in a full circle and all around the pasture. Imagine how much he'd learn if I trained everyday lol. I'll have to work on this more often. Gotta love my colt.


  1. That is fantastic progress, well done! :) He is really catching on so quickly, I think maybe sometimes I am too slow getting cues in there.

  2. Smart Boy! He'll be fetching a jolly ball in no time!

  3. Before you know it, he will be standing on his head for a click from you.


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