Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Arabian Vs. Friesian

One of the reasons I love mixed breeds is because you get the best of both worlds from both breeds (if you're lucky lol). Look at Chrome. Sometimes he's sooooo Arabian . . .

And other times he's soooooo Friesian!

Look at how disproportionate his head still is to his body! I think I'm going to get the tall horse I was hoping for. :D


  1. He is beautiful!

  2. You mean your leggies are going to get even longer? Yikes!


  3. He's gorgeous and moves beautifully :)

  4. He sure is standing proud in that last photo. How tall is his sire?

  5. My Cruiser is the same way being a Morgan/Arab cross. I see both sides of him--but his tail is all Arab!

    Mingo had a really big head. I remember the day when he was about 4 and I was a woman that hadn't seen him in a long time. She said, "Wow, he looks good. He finally grew into his head." We laughed so hard because it was so true. Bet that will be the case with Chrome, too.

  6. Mixed breeds rule! Heck, one of our blog buddies even has a header that says: mixed breeds have all the fun.

  7. What a beauty! It is fun to watch them grow isn't it?

    When Kinsey run and is really happy her tail is straight up in the air. . I wonder if there is some Arab in there somewhere. lol.

  8. I know that my Cory grew into his head. I always loved his head anyway because his eyes just had so much intelligence in them. Chrome has got a really pretty overall build and though he is going through the weird colt stages now, I still think he will be just gorgeous when he is fully grown and filled out!

    I'm NOT saying he is weird looking... just, you know how they get different parts growing at different rates at times during this first year or so... Linda


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