Sunday, March 14, 2010

Taking Pictures

Sometimes taking pictures of a highly active, playful colt can be difficult!! It never fails when I zoom in he gallops too close and when I zoom out he bolts down the paddock! Crazy colt. Other times however pictures that might be considered bad actually turn out really cool! I love this one!

Sorry I haven't been posting and I missed Donkey Day again. Haven't felt great, but things are getting better so no big deal. :) I'll try to get something interesting posted tomorrow.


  1. What a beautiful neck though! :) Hope you feel better soon!!

  2. Great picture :) I have lots of cool pics of Star's nose where she makes a beeline for me and pokes it on the end of the camera :D

  3. Yuh, just click click click all the time around here and then looking at the results we are often surprised.


  4. because you got his eye, it doesn't looks so much like a mistake as a planned photo. I like his neck and mane.

  5. How could you miss donkey day? Poor Zep...


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