Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fatty No More

I was looking back through Chrome's old pictures and was shocked to see his big fat apple butt. I hadn't realized how chubby I'd let him get. The first two pictures below were back in December. See the way his hips stick up on either side of his spine? His winter coat makes it look worse than it was, but that is still a fat butt.

This is how he looks now. A smooth round butt and check out those muscles!

I've bumped his feed back up a tiny bit because he'd gotten a bit thinner than I like, but I have to be careful to not let him get fat again. He's eating all the hay he could want though, so he's doing great. :) I still haven't felt any heat in his joints. I don't check everyday anymore. More like every few days or if I've seen him playing really hard. All is good so far. I only have to wait nine more days to measure him again. I'm curious how much he's grown this time.


  1. Now that you mention it, you can really see the bulges in the second photo. He really looks good in the last one. I'm hoping Yalla!'s legs straighten out soon. She looks like an ugly duckling to me.

  2. I can sympathise as it's so difficult to get feed rations accurate. I gave Star far too much last winter and she ended up like a hippo on spring grass. It must be extra hard with a youngster as well because he's growing. :)

  3. Apple butt! I think you are starving now for sure. Just like around here. Momma says it is important for us to watch our weight. What does she know? Bah!


  4. He had a cute lil apple butt! Not the healthiest for a growing boy though. Glad things are under control now. Weight is really hard to watch in winter because of all the hair, especially if they tend to have a lot of it.

  5. Sounds like you're doing great with your self restraint too :) Chrome looks great! He's in such a great shape!

  6. I'm so used to the big butts on the Quarter Horses around this area, that I didn't think to much about it. I do remember thinking that he had a QH butt, though. It IS hard to regulate the feed/weight on the young ones like that... especially with the weather fluctuating so their energy needs fluctuate so much in the winter. You do a great job, though of working out all the variables! Linda

  7. He looks great, I think you're doing a good job with his rations. He's such a pretty boy.


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