Sunday, March 7, 2010

Belated Donkey Day - 3-7-2010

Wow I can tell work has my schedule all messed up! I had no idea yesterday was Saturday and I missed Donkey Day. Poor Zeppelin is probably not too happy with me. :)

So, since Zep isn't hosting Donkey Day today I thought I would ask you donkey experts ;) a question. Is Zep too fat? I don't know much about donkeys but I've heard over and over again to never let them get fat. I'm giving him a handful of Safechoice twice a day when I feed Chrome so he doesn't feel left out but other than that he has free choice hay, water, salt and minerals. Also does the fact that he's butt high mean that he'll still grow higher in the withers or is he done? He will turn three sometime in 2010, but I don't even know what month. Here is a picture.

And here are a couple more pictures just for fun. Sorry I don't have any newer ones. These are all from early February.


  1. He looks good. Can you rub your hand over his side and just feel the ribs? You should be able to feel the ribs but not see the ribs.

    About the visualization: I have a hard time sometimes too. I will actually get nervous and feel butterflies but after I go through it in my mind a few times I get much better. Along similar lines right after my fall I was playing a video game. In the video game you ride a horse. I actually felt really nervous "getting on" the first time. I actually think that video game helped me because I could see "myself" cantering and jumping. If your too nervous to even think about it, start with the first step that you can think about.

  2. My M who is originally from Greece (lots of donkeys there, and a common method of transportations in rural areas) says that he looks styling.

  3. It's hard to tell b/c I can't tell where his ribs are. He doesn't look like he's a bad weight, but he probably doesn't need any more weight either. Check his ribs as Beth suggested.

    We have 3 donkeys at the rescue currently. I think they get fat on air. They are on free choice hay + water. One of the older ones has a fallen crest. Someone probably fed him way too much at one point. He's a sweet old fellow, however.


  4. If you go here there is a free condition scoring chart you can download to keep a check on his weight if you're worried. There is also a weight nomogram because donkeys have to be weigh taped slightly differently to horses, which is useful for if you need to know his weight for worming paste. There's loads of other good fact sheets there too.


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