Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nap Time

I just thought I would share some incredibly adorable pictures of Chrome from yesterday. It was a gorgeous day outside and he was getting in some good nap time.

Doesn't he almost look like he's running in his sleep? In these next pictures he had no clue I was there! Even when my camera made beeping sounds as I changed settings he didn't wake up until a chicken went screaming past.

He was sleeping so hard his mouth was open! So cute!!

Chrome's a cute bedhead.

Sleep well all!!


  1. That is totally the cutest thing ever. He is just a big old sleepy head. Does he like belly rubs?


  2. Awww. . . almost expected him to be drooling in that close up . . . :)
    And his bed head is too cute!

  3. Love the bedhead, such an adorable fellow :)

  4. Absolutely adorable pictures!

  5. I loove the sleeping shots and sleepyhead and ... enough! BOL I can't believe how well the click training's going for you.

  6. Fab pictures, he looks so peaceful, I wonder what he was dreaming about :)


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