Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Shedding & Going Gray

Spring is almost here! I can tell because Chrome is shedding like crazy. See . . .

. . . told you! Wanna see what I ended up with?

Crazy, huh? I'm really excited to see what he'll look like when he sheds out his winter coat. Here are a few close up pictures showing where he's going gray. This first one is of his star. See how the white bleeds out into the rest of his coat? It will continue to spread and grow until he's gray, so I figured it would be cool to have a nice picture of his star. I like how his forelock frames his face and one eye is peeking through.

It's kind of hard to see but this next one kind of shows the gray in his ears. It actually lines the outside of his ear.

His chest is definitely going gray.

The next picture is a closeup of his eye. Look at all the gray!

I like this next one because it shows off his dished face. Gotta love that Arabian blood. :D

Here is one of his muzzle. It's hard to see the gray, but it's there.

Here is the really cool part. See his gorgeous black tail . . .

The new growth hidden beneath the black is coming in gray!!

Here is a closeup! The contrast is unbelievable! If there ever were any doubt he'd turn gray here is the proof.

Below are a couple of pictures of his mane. I was messing with angles. I like how they turned out although you guys may think they're weird. :) Look how long his mane is getting!

Brotherly love . . .

And I'll leave you with this silly picture I got while trying to take pictures of the gray around his muzzle.

I still find it hard to imagine that someday Chrome will be gray. I guess it happens so gradually I won't really think anything of it, but imagine if I had to go away for some reason and came back to a gray horse years later. Would I even recognize him? I can't wait to see how his coat changes over the years. :)


  1. Wow that must be really exciting waiting to see what colour he comes out :D Star is just starting to shed out, she goes a grey roan colour before darkening up again. :)

  2. Nice photos! I think greying is really strange, too - we have one grey horse (Lily) and I often wonder what she looked like as a youngster - she has a huge blaze and a lot of white on her hind legs under the grey. I think she was chestnut, but I'll never know for sure.

  3. Isn't it fun to watch youngesters grow and see how they turn out?

  4. That is very interesting. I can see the graying hairs all over on him. He will be a very beautiful horse, no doubt, with both his Friesian and Arabian characteristics and the unusual gray color.
    I kind of expected Yalla! to gray out but apparently she will stay dark. Go figure.

  5. Wow, what a difference in just one year.

  6. Can't wait to watch it with you! It's so awesome to be able to observe Chrome's development step by step.


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