Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Posing for the camera.

I love how his forelock makes his face look so Arabian in the above picture. :)

I brought the wagon into the pasture the other day to clean stalls and pick up around the paddock. Chrome had to come over to investigate as usual.

His expression in the last picture makes me almost believe he was posing for the camera. He's seen the wagon before and he's always all over me when I turn the camera on (it beeps), so it makes me wonder. :)


  1. Hey Chrome! Momma saw a horse rolling about in the mud yesterday. He sure looked like he was having fun (too bad no flashy beast).

    Yuh, I hear the camera beep too and momma gets frustrated because I stop being "cute." Whatever.


  2. Gosh he's looking good! Nice head and neck, he's got that upright stance of the Friesian, doesn't he?

    Yalla! is just like him, always all over me.

  3. Is Chrome used to getting treats when the camera comes on? Nice photos as usual

  4. Just love these pictures. He sure is a pretty baby! They always look so cute when they are being curious, too! Bet you can hardly wait until he sheds out his winter coat and gets rid of that moth eaten appearance! I know I can hardly wait for Cory and Tuffy to shed out! Tuffy is so beautifully GOLD when he first sheds his winter coat!

    Dott goes into pose mode as soon as she hears the camera come on, too!


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