Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Look Back 2009 Video

Since my wonderful friend Hsin Yi kindly told me that I have Windows Movie Maker already installed on my laptop I decided to make a video of my few couple of months with Chrome. This was my first time using captions and also my first time to piece together so much video. I know it's long, but if you have time to watch it let me know what you think and if there is anything I can do differently on my next one. I didn't do transitions between clips because I was being lazy and I knew I was going to be close to the ten minute mark. :)


  1. I liked that there were many things going on all the time, but I think you can edit it down a bit. I too tend to keep some long shots that I love. I really liked the "natural" sound effects too, they gave it a nice feel.

  2. great video, he is adorable!

    I love how curious he is in the video--checking out the goats and dog and playing with the leaves.

    He moves nicely--you'll have a ton of fun riding him when he gets older I bet!!

  3. I felt kind of sorry for your baby self crying and making submissive bitey face. You looked most fierce when that deer went by.

    I thought you and Galaxy didn't get along, but it looks like you had some fun moments together.

    Next movie will have Zep, right?


  4. Really enjoyed the video, Chrome is such a cool horse, loved watching him play! :)

  5. Grammy is sad because it takes her over 30 minutes for her SLOW computer to load a ONE MINUTE video so it would take her 5 HOURS to upload a 10 min. video, though she really wishes she could see it because she thinks it would be wonderful from everyone's comments. It is one reason she makes our vids in sections and only 1-2 mins. long each. :(


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