Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monthly Goals - 3-31-2010

My 2010 goals for Chrome are:

1. Use clicker training to desensitize Chrome to as much as possible.
2. Go for more walks on the roads. Use clicker training to make it a positive experience.
3. Teach Chrome some tricks specifically smile.
4. Write in Chrome’s blog more often.
5. Work on hauling to new places.

My break down of those goals for March were:

1. I need to find a treat that he enjoys that is also healthy. I don't like feeding him the sugar for clicker training.
2. Since I haven't felt any heat in his joints in a while I may start walking him again. He's getting more exercise now that Zeppelin is in the same paddock, but I still want him to get out and see the world. I may just need to wait until he's a year old and then start again when there won't be such a risk to his joints. All of our roads are asphalt. 8o
3. Can't teach tricks until he will eat treats.
4. Keep on blogging. :)
5. Still not ready to work on hauling yet.

My progress is:

1. Well I finally grew a brain and I’ve started using his regular feed delivered in a bucket as a treat for clicker training, so that problem is solved. I haven’t worked on any desensitizing with clicker training yet because I want to be sure he fully understands the concept first.
2. I didn’t take him for many walks because he’s getting enough exercise playing with Zeppelin and he gets mental stimulation from his toys and our time together. I still want him to see everything there is to see on the roads, but there is no hurry. I still have a good three years to work on that.
3. The only trick we’ve worked on so far is targeting. I want to really be sure he understands the concept before I start teaching things that are more difficult.
4. I did really well writing in his blog this month!
5. Have not worked with the trailer yet.

My new goals for April are:

1. I want to keep using targeting to make sure he knows for absolute sure what the clicker means before we move on.
2. I would like to take Chrome for more walks just because I enjoy it so much, but I’m not going to put any pressure on us. If I feel he’s ready or has excess energy to burn I’ll take him for a short walk.
3. I want to keep working on targeting. I would like to get him to follow it around consistently and just make sure he knows that the click marks the correct behavior.
4. Keep up the good work!!
5. I think Chrome is almost ready to start working with the trailer. I want to use clicker to make it positive again. I don’t know if I want to teach him to follow the target on or if I want to shape him loading on his own. Not sure where he is mentally for that. Unfortunately right now the horse trailer is housing a few roosters that can’t be out with the flock. One of them is sold, but the others we don’t know about yet. If I manage to vacate the current occupants I might work on something with him.


  1. Sounds like you've got a good agenda planned. I just feel lucky if I can make it day to day for right now.

  2. I love your lists of goals. I wonder if you're happy with what you get accomplished. :) So it wasn't treats that get Chrome to move toward the camera, it was the petting. Same thing almost.

  3. You are so organized with all the lists and all. That is just not Grammy's thing, which is probably why she doesn't get as much done. Does Zep like apple bits? If he will try a lot of different things, just give them a little at a time to him while in front of or near Chrome and see if a little of the jealousy factor will help make him try them. Once he does, he will probably like them.


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