Monday, March 8, 2010

Gorilla Cart & Whatta Neck!!

We finally caved and bought a gorilla cart for hauling various things (hay, feed, etc.) and for cleaning the barns and paddocks. You can see more about that and the hutch we bought for the Golden Sebright Bantams on my Farmer's Life blog. I just thought I would share the really cool pictures I got of Chrome and Zep investigating this interesting new object in their paddock.

First up we have Zep. He didn't act afraid of it at all. He waited until we walked away and then he walked right up to it and gave it a sniff.

Chrome on the other hand was a bit more wary of it. He wouldn't go anywhere near it until both Zep and I walked over to it.

I love the stretched out arched neck he makes when he's exploring new things. :)

He then chomped down on it.

And gave it his seal of approval. Horse slobber! He also left tooth marks in it. :)

Then he stretched all the way across to sniff the handle. Gorgeous neck!

One of Chrome's cute little habits is that he loves to sniff the eggs when we gather them from the chicken coop. He wants to eat them I think but we won't let him LOL!

It was funny that after he saw the cart and was okay with it he had to go through his arched neck act scary thing all over again when we had stuff in it hehe. Silly colt.

Well, that's all for today. I'll leave you with a couple more pictures.


  1. Hmm.

    Definitely could have been a horse eating cart!


  2. I think Chrome has the right idea. You never know when those things might take off. I, personally, am not bothered by our wheelbarrow, but when it attaches itself to Momma and drags her about the yard I become very distressed

  3. Great pictures. Zep is so chilled out and I love Chrome sniffing the eggs! :)

  4. Chrome does have that gorgeous Arab arch in his neck doesn’t he! It is so funny to watch a young horse being spooky over something silly, but I LOVE watching the curious ones because you can just SEE the wheels turning in their heads!


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