Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cheap Toys! - Picture Heavy

Apparently cheap toys are more fun than expensive toys even for horses!! Here are some more pictures of Chrome playing with the empty feed sacks. I can't believe how much he loves shredding and playing with these things. :) In the picture above he accidentally dropped the bag and had to stop to pick it back up. You can click to enlarge the pictures.

These next pictures are some of my favorites!!

Now we have a video of the little brat in action. I hope you all can view it. It's about three minutes long. Sorry if you can't.

Also, here is a short video of Chrome chewing on the gorilla cart from Monday's post. He left teeth marks in the plastic (I don't mind), so I'm jokingly referring to it as his seal of approval lol!

Last, but definitely not least here are a couple of pictures of Zeppelin using the horse trailer tongue jack to scratch himself. :)


  1. I like the way Zep just totally ignores you all bouncing around cracker dog with that feed sack. I think you look like you are dancing!


  2. Lol, I just love animals, if you go and get them a toy they ignore it, and just want all the stuff you don't really want them to have! :D

  3. Very cute pics - he's having a lot of fun!

  4. Isn't it funny what they will grab for toys? Having a young horse is a totally different experience than older guys. Although my 5 year old minis will never miss a chance to pull something in the paddock to play with still. :)

  5. Those are all beautiful shots and I agree with you completely on the "cheap toys". It's the same with human pups, katz etc.

  6. Too funny! Great photos--it looks like he's having a great time.


  7. Just like kids - the container is always more fun than the contents :)

  8. You are such a pretty, but silly, boy! You must give your Mom so much pleasure just watching your antics and looking at your beauty! You are going to be awesome when you are fully filled out, and I'll bet you will be a smart as you are gorgeous! OC and the CCC


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