Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Award!

My friend over at Fearless Riding has given me the Happy Award. Since I already did this award over at my Living A Farmer's Life blog I think I'll let Chrome and Zeppelin have it this time around. :) So here you are. Ten things that make Chrome and Led Zeppelin happy.

1. Chrome: Eating! Eating all day long makes me happy. Hay, pellets, treats, grass, etc. All the food I can eat!

2. Zeppelin: Chasing the cat. It's so fun to herd her out of the pasture. Only problem is when she gets outside the fence she turns around and swats at me, but I still think it's fun.

3. Chrome: Playing! I love playing with Zeppelin. Running, bucking, biting, rearing, striking, jumping, spinning, hopping, etc!

4. Zeppelin: Following my human around. She's peculiar. She carries around a flashy box and takes pictures of us.

5. Chrome: Scratches. I loved to be scratched all over. My favorite spot is on my neck right when it meets my chest. I'm always itchy right there!

6. Zeppelin: Toys. I've recently learned that toys are fun! The jolly ball and rings are fun to play with.

7. Chrome: Bitey Face. I enjoy playing bitey face, but Mom walks away and won't play back. It's okay though because my neighbor Two Socks plays with me and so does Zep.

8. Zeppelin: Braying. I only bray when Mom gets home from work, but it's sure fun!

9. Chrome: Going for walks. I love going for walks out on the roads with Mom. I get to meet so many new horses and see new places. It definitely makes me happy.

10. Zeppelin: Chrome makes me happy!!
Chrome: Zep makes me happy!!

Well you heard it from the horse's (and donkey's) mouth!!


  1. Number 10 was my favorite. I'm all for "brotherly" love. No word on the treats yet cause I'm crazy busy. I haven't forgotten yet.

  2. Lol I love it, great post :)

  3. LOL I love #10 too.

    I have been thinking about the treats and I have been wondering what would happen if you used a bag of goodies. So that he gets and apple piece, then some sugar, handful of feed, each reward is different so he doesn't get bored. Another trick would be to do the training before you feed his normal meal. That way he will be more hungry. Don't forget the scratches and play time are also rewards.

    Do you have Alexander Kurland's book "The Click that Teaches" ? http://www.theclickercenter.com/
    It is an excellent one.

  4. Beth had some great ideas!

    We loved reading the things Zep and Chrome love, and agree with them completely on the FOOD... TREATS, etc.!!! AND the Bitey Face, too!


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