Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2nd Clicker Session

I am so proud of Chrome!! I did his second clicker/targeting sessions today and he did fantastic!! And I have a video so you can see it too. I think Chrome may be too smart for me lol. ;)

Sorry it's kind of long. I didn't want to cut anything out, but if you get bored or your internet is too slow to load videos I have pictures below. Unfortunately they're snapshots from the video so they aren't the greatest quality. :)

I can't believe I didn't think of feeding him out of his bucket sooner. It's easy, there's less waste and I don't get bit (intentionally or accidentally). I still can't believe he did so well! He's only done this one other time and that was two months ago!! So anyway moving on to the pictures.

I love the lip action in this one. :)

And this one. :)

Zeppelin was jealous.

He touched it no matter where I held it.

Zep is biting Chrome here trying to chase him away from the feed.

I have no idea what I want to teach him next. I think he's got targeting well enough now that we can move on to something else. I'm pretty sure I saw him flick an ear at the sound of the clicker so he must know what it means by now. I may work on targeting his Jolly Ball which will lead to picking it up. Just have to see how it goes. :)


  1. Great job! :) If you want to develop it further you could gradually shape a head lower with a target stick too. :)

  2. Hey! I know how you feel with that Zep trying to get a piece of your training. I need one of those balls on a stick so momma can chase PeeWee away from bothering me when I am concentrating. You sure are a clever guy. You touched it no matter where it was. Not easy, I should know.


  3. looking good! And thanks for posting pic along with the video. I can get the video on one computer but not on the other so I don't miss anything if i am on the clunky computer :)

    Does he target from a verbal cue only yet? That would be the next step, linking the verbal cue with the action. You can move on to targeting something like a cone. Then you start moving the target farther from you, so he has to take a step to touch and they return to you.

    Kurland suggests 3 basic behaviors to start with: targeting, backing, and head lowering.

    In Kurland book she has a lot of ground manner behaviors to teach. Getting them used to clippers, ground tying, food manners, standing on a targeted area, etc.

  4. Maybe Zep wants some training too :)

  5. Impressive! Good job. I'm learning new things :)


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