Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boys Just Want To Have Fun!

Since I was bad today and didn't do anything with Chrome (very windy and cold again) I decided to share with you some pictures from back in January that I haven't posted before. I keep my unedited pictures in separate folders until I get around to editing them and there were five hundred and eighty pictures of Chrome waiting to get edited so I decided I might tackle a portion of it lol. It will take a few days hehe. So the theme for today is Chrome playing with the neighbor's gelding Two Socks (who we haven't seen in a while and are very worried about, but she may have just moved him to a different pasture) over the fence. I hope you enjoy them. :)

They play very rough, but neither one has ever been injured.

The first time I saw Two Socks grab Chrome by the throat I freaked out! Since Chrome was uninjured and unconcerned I no longer worry about it lol.

Night all!


  1. Great action shots! What do you think happened to two socks?

  2. Great pictures, I just love that last one :)

  3. Loved the shots! but now you have to let us know what happened to Two-Socks, when you find out.


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