Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chrome's 2nd Birthday Pictures

Here are Chrome's birthday pictures. My friends think I'm crazy for dressing him up and stuff, but I like to play barbie horse and at least I used blue. It's not like I put a pink tutu on him or anything. :) I started out braiding him mane.

That all by itself is super cute . . .

. . . but wait, it does get better. This one is blurry but I loved it too much to delete it.

I put ribbons in his mane!

I think it looks great on him. That blue is the color I chose for him because it looks so nice on dark horses, I just hope it looks just as great when he goes gray.

He had lots of itchies from the stupid ticks which my husband spent ages picking off.

Doesn't look too impressed does he?

Did I mention playing birthday dress up is good desensitizing? We'll call it practice for parades.
I got him a crown that says "It's my birthday", but it didn't fit to well over both ears.

So I put it over one ear.

I'm so happy nothing bothers this goofball. :D

Since the crown didn't work very well I put a party hat on him with a elastic throat band.

Cute, right? Even his halter matches.

He looks like he's pawing impatiently in this picture, but he was actually trying to scratch and his rope was too short so he stomped.

I loosened up his rope so he could scratch.

He is so cute without even trying! Love my horse!

And when the party was over I sacrificed the hat to his coltish antics. :D

I almost forgot. We went on a walk after I finished making him look cute.

He was excited because we haven't been walking much, but he was well behaved.

Looking for Led Zeppelin (my donkey).

Something was interesting on the side of the road.

He stared at it for a while. Do you see his dapples coming in?

I'll have another post with pictures coming up. Stay tuned!


  1. What fun! He's so darn cute! He's got so much character, and I think the grey will go nicely with the blue. Right now though, I think his many colors are so interesting. Handsom boy!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHROME!!! Wow, he is changing so many colors, but still looks great! I love your hat and dress up!! Too cute!!! Man, when I move to NC. I am going to freak out when my horse comes in with ticks, uggghhh. MI does have it good side at times with the cold!!!!! Have fun!

  3. Looking splendid in your birthday finery. Happy Birthday, pal.


  4. Happy Birthday, Chrome!


  5. He looks beautiful in all his pictures. (Maybe you should have got a filly--since you like to dress him look so pretty?)


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