Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day Three: 30 Day Horse Challenge

Day Three: A picture of your best riding.

I don't really have any pictures of me riding for some reason (a situation I'm going to remedy as soon as Chrome is old enough). I went back through my archives and managed to find two from years ago that don't leave me wanting to puke. ;)

I'm very critical of my riding pictures. I have no core strength, my feet are too far forward, I'm not wearing a helmet and I'm wearing inappropriate footwear. I was a teenager though with no formal lessons, so I guess it doesn't really matter lol. The horse is Lady, my Appaloosa mare that I mentioned in a previous post that I had for twelve years. Love that horse.

This is Finnegan, a bay OTTB (off track Thoroughbred) that I used to have. He was fun. :) I actually sort of like this picture. I look weird because I'm squinting and biting my lip from the wind and the wind also has my shirt puffed up like I'm a body builder or something. Kind of funny. At least I have the helmet even though I'm still in sneakers. :D

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