Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day Twenty Seven: 30 Day Horse Challenge

Day Twenty Seven: You know you are an equestrian when (list 5 things).

1. you put more energy and research into your horse's diet than your own. :)
2. you cluck at other animals, vehicles, etc. when they are going too slow.
3. you prefer to clean stalls than you own house.
4. you don't even notice that you smell like fly spray or are covered in horse hair.
5. every property you pass while driving down the road you visualize how you would arrange barns and pastures on it.

Wow I would have thought those would be easy to come up with, but it took me a while lol. I hope I thought of some good ones. :) And yes they all apply to me.


  1. Horse people=Crazy people. Love it!

  2. Perfect list. *LOL*

    I catch myself clucking to my dogs and traffic frequently, and caught people checking out my aromatic filthiness in the grocery store the other day. Enough said about the tidiness of my house ;)


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