Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Rest of the Pictures

Here are the rest of the pictures I took today. The first ones are from in the morning right after his bath and the rest are from this evening after I put him back out after our barbie session. :)

He loves playing with and chewing on branches.
He immediately found this one that fell into the boat.

Look how shiny he was after his bath!

So shiny. I wish you could feel how soft he is too.

So pretty.

These next pictures are some decent action shots I got. I never seem to be able to get very good trotting pictures of him because he's so lazy, but these turned out great. :D

Traditional Friesian trot picture where it looks like he's about to take flight. His front hooves are several inches off the ground and he has his back nicely rounded. I see dressage potential, how about you?

No where near the knee action of a purebred Friesian, but still cute.

Not as much reach as I would like, but maybe when we get the club hoof where we want it and he has a chiropractic adjustment that will improve.

Such a cutie. And you can see his ribbons. :)

And some cantering shots.

Wow I got the same stride in all of them lol!

Kind of a weird stride, but I love his head and neck in this picture. He almost looks like a warmblood hehe.

And after all of the antics he was back in his favorite place. Eye deep in grass. :)

And just so you don't think I've forgotten him. Led Zeppelin! Is it normal for a donkey to take so long to shed out?

Well that's the last of them. I hope you enjoyed it and I can't wait to hear everyone's comments. :D Don't forget to check out the other two posts from today.


  1. Great pictures. Chrome is gorgeous. Don't be too hard on his stride - he's young and unschooled and was just playing around. He'll have lots of nice action. I think he'd make a very nice dressage horse :)

  2. Nice pictures! Funny about the comment about the donkey shedding, I have wondered the same thing. My donkey hasn't shed at all this spring.

  3. Chrome looks like a healthy happy 2 year old :) My Riva at two looked much more gangly...I think Chrome is very proportionate.

    How is your farrier trimming Chrome with his club foot? Does he plan to keep him barefoot?

    I will be posting about our vet visit with Riva and what we learned about her feet. Any advice you could offer would be great!

  4. He is beautiful! Remember they never reach farther out then the angle of the shoulder - I think he will extend a little more, but not much. I see both breeds so clearly in him - I have three Friesians - one stallion and two mares - and there is so much of them in him. Plus, I see the spirit and refinement of the Arabian. He is so well put together!


  5. It is normal for donkeys to take a very long time to shed out. Our yearling donkey has just barely started shedding!



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