Friday, May 20, 2011

Day Nineteen: 30 Day Horse Challenge

Day Nineteen: A discipline you would like to try.

Wow there are actually several, so here goes . . .

Dressage. I would love to start taking dressage lessons again and to learn as much as I can about it (especially classical dressage), maybe even show eventually. I know I've already tried it so it isn't really a new discipline, but I love it so much I had to include it.

Eventing. I've always thought learning to jump would be a lot of fun, but eventing looks even for exciting. I'm just not brave enough to try it, but if I had the guts and the right horse I'd love to try.

Combined Driving. I plan to teach Chrome to pleasure drive someday, but I've always thought combined driving would be so exciting! I love the challenge of it. I've never even driven a horse so I have no idea what is truly involved but if someone gave me the chance to try it I would jump all over it. :)

Endurance Riding. Since my favorite thing ever to do with horses is to go trail riding I always thought endurance riding would be the best thing ever! If I had the money to try it competitively and a nice trailer to haul in I would so do this. It looks like so much fun!

Well I guess that's all. Given the chance I would probably try any discipline once (except maybe galloping a racehorse scary!), but these are my favorite disciplines. This was a fun question.


  1. Hello achieve1dream. I've only just discovered your blog which I will definately be following it with great interest. Chrome is absolutely beautiful!!!!

    He looks as though he has great dressage potential and the fantastic thing about CT is that you can improve paces with it just by watching and clicking the more expressive strides so you get more of them and less of the others. Bella's once very ordinary, flat trot has improved out of all regocnition just by doing exactly that! Talk about an easy, effortless way of training!!!!

  2. You know me, I'm all about the eventing. We have to do dressage but it is too mundane for me, I like the excitement. I've always wanted to do combined driving too though, maybe my next set of horses lol!


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