Monday, May 16, 2011

Day Fifteen: 30 Day Horse Challenge

Day Fifteen: If you could say something to any one horse, what would you say?

I'm with everyone else that I talk to my animals all of the time, but I think this question means that if I could tell one horse something that they would understand what would I say. I think most people choose horses from their past, but I have something really important I would like to tell Chrome. I would tell him that sometimes I'm going to have to do things that might scare him (like ride him), explain that he's a lot bigger than I am and ask him to please not do anything that could get me hurt. I guess I'm a little nervous about starting a young horses again under saddle so it would be really cool if I could explain that to him and have him understand. :) Now it's just too bad I can't lol.


  1. Oh, wouldn't it be nice if we could explain to them, why we are doing these strange and scary things with them? If I could talk to past or current horses, either way, I'd probably be doing a lot of apologizing. But I think they learn to understand and trust us, even without words.

  2. And he would tell you 'I got this mom'! I have a feeling Chrome will be great the first time you ride him :)


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