Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chrome Update

I don't remember if I even mentioned that Chrome hurt himself on this blog. I did mention it on my Farmer Life blog. Basically he cut his throat right where the throatlatch on a bridle would sit. It was about three inches long. I have him on antibiotics (which took care of the swelling in a day) and have been putting blue coat antiseptic spray on it and carona around it to keep the skin soft so it won't keep opening up since its on a part of his throat that stretches every time he grazes. It's looking a whole lot better. :) It will take a while to heal because it has to heal from the inside out, but I'm not worried anymore.

He has a knot on his neck where the donkey bit him or he ran into something, but it isn't bad at all. He has a scrape on one hock but it didn't break the skin. Silly colt is a mess. The evil green headed flies are driving him absolutely nuts too!! I have to go get more fly spray today. Poor guy wouldn't even come out of the barn for his breakfast.

Chrome had his trim today. His hooves are growing like crazy since spring hit full force. His heels were getting high again, but they look much better after the trim. She said he's stiff on the rear, but the club feet aren't getting any worse and the tendon is still flexible. That's good news. He had some chipping, but aside from that and the club feet, she said he has beautiful, textbook hooves. :) That makes me happy.

His feet were getting long between trims so we moved his schedule up to where he'll get done more frequently. In other hoof news, poor donkey blew two abscesses. I feel bad for the poor guy. I'm going to get back to work on his clicker training so I can get a halter on him and teach him to lead and tie. I just need my paddock repaired from the storms because working with a wild donkey on thirty or forty acres is difficult lol.

So that's my update. I've been busy working extra hours to help with money until my husband finds a job so I haven't had the time (or more importantly the energy) to do much more than feed, medicate, groom and fly spray him. I will get back to the clicker training. I just have to get motivated. Anyway sorry for the long rambling post. I feel bad for not posting much lately about my colt. Or taking picture. :( I'll be back though.

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  1. Life gets to busy, it's difficult to keep up with blogging. I have that issue a lot.

    I hope Chrome's cuts and scrapes heal quickly. And poor donkey. Hope he's getting better too.


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