Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day Nine: 30 Day Horse Challenge

Day Nine: Any injuries you’ve gotten from riding.

My injuries from riding and/or falls have been minor, thank goodness! Mostly just bumps, bruises and scrapes. I've been rubbed raw from riding in shorts in a saddle. I rode in a dressage lesson once with thin breeches and no half chaps and was rubbed on my leg. It took forever to heal and scarred for a long time, but I can't even find it now. I've been stepped on, but no lasting injuries. Just minor bruises. I've gotten blisters on my hands from riding without gloves in dressage lessons on a horse that was a little heavy on my hands. That's basically it. The only time I was knocked unconscious I wasn't even riding. I was leading a 17hh three year old filly and something spooked her. She knocked me down. I don't know if it was her head hitting mine or my head hitting the ground that knocked me out and gave me a mild concussion. I'm hoping that my list of horse related injuries stays few and mild. :)


  1. I am hoping that for you too. Helmets are always a goood idea

  2. I'd say being knocked out counted as fairly serious :). Hope they stay few and mild too.

  3. I think you've gotten enough injuries so that (hopefully) you'll never have to experience anything worse.

    I've been trampled, fallen on (three times now!), bucked off, kicked, and stepped on. I've had my finger bitten to the bone and been scraped against fences. Once, I even legged my horse into a fence and tore my knee open- not so smart! I hope never to be hurt again, but that's not very realistic thinking, is it?

  4. Emme, I wear a helmet when riding now, but I never thought to wear one leading that filly out to her pasture lol. I just never think about them doing something like that on the ground. I'll tell you if I ever work with someone else's young horse on the ground like that, especially around hot wire, I'll probably be wearing a helmet hehe.

    Carol, I agree that being knocked unconscious is fairly serious and I did go to the hospital for a CT scan that day. That happened on the ground though. I meant that none of my riding accidents had been serious so far. I've had way more bicycle accidents than horse accidents lol!

    Fantastyk you have been injured a lot and I hope you've gotten it all out of the way so that you can stay unhurt from now on lol. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

  5. Nothing serious here, either, but it takes longer to recover from those bruises the older I get.


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