Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day Fourteen: 30 Day Horse Challenge

Day Fourteen: Your dream barn/farm.

Okay, I had this all drawn out on paper and it looks much better than the one I drew in GIMP (photo editor). This one is not at all to scale and is missing some things I had in my original drawing. There is a reason I should never be an architect lol. The S stands for stairs and the Ms are mudrooms.

Okay, across the front is a fence by the road. I have my gardens and a greenhouse, which I've always wanted. The outdoor arena will be regulation sized Dressage arena and fenced. The line above that is another fence. The courtyard will be brick. The hay storage and garage are enclosed and have huge garage doors on them. The mud room on the left opens from the hay storage building, the courtyard and the feed room inside the barn. The mud room on the right opens into the garage, courtyard, dog yard and barn. The stairs lead up to my loft apartment (I've always wanted to live above my stable hehe).

The stalls will be bigger than they look in the drawing and will all have big runs. Four is probably all I would ever need. On the other side I have a feed room, tack room, wash stall (with hot and cold water) and grooming stall. The indoor has a gate leading to the barn and a gate leading to the left onto the property. It has a sprinkler system too. It also has an observation room/deck. I haven't decided if it will be open or enclosed, but it's for an instructor or judge if I decided to host clinics or shows.

The dry lot will be fairly large with a three sided run in shed. It will have gates opening into four pastures so I can rotate as they graze. They can also be kept on the dry lot when the ground is too wet. I've left some things out but there will be room for a round pen, hen house, etc. I might even have fields for cutting my own hay. It's my dream so I can have whatever I want hehe. Anyway I would love to tell more, but I'm running late for work so use your imagination to fill in the gaps lol. Later!

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  1. Wow, you have really thought this through. I love it! What you should do, is print out a hard copy and hang it up where you will see it every day, make changes as you think about them and someday soon, it will become reality. Oh, and when it does, can I stay with you? ;-) Fred and I really don't take up much room.


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