Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day Twenty Eight: 30 Day Horse Challenge

Day Twenty Eight: Helmet or no helmet?

I grew up riding Western, trail riding, in my back yard on the neighborhood roads . . . without a helmet, because I didn't know any better . . . unfortunately habits are hard to break. When I started dressage lessons I started wearing a helmet. For years I wore one when at the dressage stable where I worked and also at home on my own horses. Then I went two years without riding and recently found a friend who is a lot like I used to be, riding western, trail riding, all without a helmet. When I started riding with her I didn't wear a helmet . . . . I need to get back into the habit of wearing a helmet when riding with my friend . . . I guess a part of me is afraid I'll look dumb, but looking dumb is better than being dead. :) I will definitely be wearing one when I start riding Chrome. You just never know what a young horse will do. So I'm all for wearing helmets although I guess I don't 100% of the time. No one is perfect. I'll get comfortable wearing one again though. :)

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  1. They make some helmets now specifically for trail riders that are pretty nice looking and pretty comfortable.

    I've gone through periods were I didn't ride with helmets. Now, every once in awhile I'll climb on a horse for a short ride without a helmet, but I almost always try to put one on.

    I had a friend who was killed last summer trail riding without a helmet. Her horse came back to the barn without her and they found her body later with a severe head injury. She wasn't someone I knew well, but it's still scary to think that one fall can kill...

    It can be hard though, I know, when you are riding with people who don't wear helmets.



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