Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day Eleven: 30 Day Horse Challenge

Day Eleven: Find a sale horse online that you want to buy.

Wow this is a difficult one! It's been so long since I've done my research that I can't honestly answer this one, but going off of first impressions and very brief digging here are my choices. I couldn't find anything by my favorite sires, but these are good too.

Horse One -

I couldn't find any baroque style colts. It seems like the sport type are the only ones available now. I like this colt's pedigree and he could possibly look more baroque. I love his movement. I'm betting his temperament would be very nice. He is registered FPS/FHANA. I want one that hasn't been ridden yet because I like to start them myself so I know they haven't been ridden too soon, too hard or taught bad habits.

Horse Two -

This guy is heavier and looks like he might be more baroque. He also has a ton of hair already. The reason he is second is mainly because I would have to see what his temperament is like because his sire Teade is known for producing "hot" offspring and his ad just didn't have as much information. There is a video though. :)

And just for fun I looked up Appaloosas because I love them too and came up with this horse. I don't know for sure if I would buy him, but he's cute. :)

Horse Three -

He's a Friesian/Appaloosa and he's my favorite Appy pattern, black blanket. :D He's cute! You never know how Friesian crosses are going to look, but it looks like he's developing nicely. I bet he has a wonderful temperament too. He's also going to be tall and his grandsire is Laes, one of my favorite Friesian stallions. :D

Laes 278

And just for the heck of it, isn't this one cute??

He's a pure Appaloosa colt. Cute!

I enjoyed this challenge. I love looking at Friesians hehe. :D

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