Monday, May 2, 2011

Day One: 30 Day Horse Challenge

I learned about the 30 Day Horse Challenge on huntseatcruizer's blog and she gave me the link to A Horse and a Half, which is where she learned of it. Her first post starts here

I figured I would go ahead and do it since the weather has been so yucky and it looks like fun! :)

Day One: A Picture of you and your horse.

This says picture . . . as in singular . . . but if you've been following my blog you know it's almost impossible for me to post only one picture, so here are my favorite pictures of me with Chrome. :D

I kind of look dorky, but I love this picture because I'd only had him four days at this point and I was still so excited! And he's wearing his first ever blanket. :D

I just love eye pictures. I thought I had a closer version with just our eyes, but this one will do.

I like this picture because he's so confident and doesn't mind me resting my arm on his back. He's such a confident and curious colt. I love his personality. :)

I like this picture because normally I don't like my picture taken, but this one was taken when I was unaware of the camera. A special moment with my sweet boy.

You've seen the next three pictures from our fun photo shoot on 11-10-2010.

And the last two pictures are ones from our 3-19-2011 photo shoot. I chose a couple that I didn't share last time so you didn't have to see more repeat pictures hehe. :)

Gotta love horse hugs.

I've gotten some comments that people don't like pictures where I'm not smiling, but I like this one so I included it. I was peeking around Chrome's face at the camera and I actually was half smiling although you can't really see it. I just like this one because it's different. :)

Anyway keep an eye out for day two and check out the blogs I linked at the top of the post. They're fun and you can play along if you like. :D


  1. Cool pictures, I love the hugging one! :)

  2. Nice photos! I LOVE picture #2, the close up of your eyes.

  3. I love the pictures of you and Chrome. He's gorgeous.


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