Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day Six: 30 Day Horse Challenge

Day Six: Your most accomplished horse.

This is a difficult one . . . I've never competed at all, never taken lessons on my own horses, etc. so how do I judge accomplishments? I don't think I ever rode my first horse. My second horse was a really old pony that we only had for a year or so. I couldn't ride my third horse because he was too much for me. Lady was my fourth horse (had her for twelve years). My OTTB Finnegan I sadly only had for a couple of years because he died of colic. :( And I've only had Chrome for a year and a half. So I guess I would say Lady was my most accomplished horse.

When I got her she was well broke to ride, but she had a lot of bad habits and liked to take advantage of her rider. She used to crow hop constantly, had poor brakes, refused to go through water and liked to scrape me off on low hanging branches. She also occasionally bolted and bucked for no reason. Oh and she was horribly barn and buddy sour.

After twelve years with her she was an amazing trail horse. She could go anywhere and do anything (well she never did like water lol). Nothing scared her . . . well she did develop a fear of those huge tree trimming trucks that cut branches away from power lines and grind them up, but she had no problem with road graders, semis, trailers, dump trucks, garbage trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. She didn't like manholes or stripes on roads, but that's because we mostly rode out on country roads, not in the small town where I grew up (although I did occasionally take her to Dollar General). She stopped all of her bad habits and although she was never an affectionate horse she was still the best horse to grow up with. She taught me a lot. :)

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  1. Lady sounds like an amazingly bomb proof horse. You did really well to get her to that point after what you started with. Nice story.


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