Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Lady

I think I mentioned that today I was going to see my little Appaloosa mare that I had for twelve years when I was a kid. I haven't seen her in years and I've been missing her a lot, so I called up her owner last week and asked to visit. Of course he didn't mind. :) I was blown away by how much older she looks. Then again she is twenty one years old lol. She's kind of stuck in my mind like she was in our younger days. She's also not alpha mare anymore, which was very strange because she was always the bossy, stubborn, snotty mare when I was a kid, but I loved her so much (still do). When I went to see her today I actually started crying as I hugged her warm neck. I just can't believe how small she is (fourteen hands seems so small now lol) or how old or how gray. I enjoyed my visit a lot. Unfortunately I didn't get to ride because of other reasons, but he invited me back anytime to go riding. This is the same guy that married me to my husband. :) A great family friend.

Anyway here is a picture of Lady seven years ago . . .

She does have a tail lol, it was just behind her.

And here is a picture of her today . . .

Sorry not the greatest picture, but it's the only one of her with her head up. :)

The next two pictures show how gray her face has gotten.

And a couple of her grazing.

And below are some pictures from 2004.

I've missed my pretty Lady. It was so nice to get to see her again. I had been feeling guilty for giving her up (even though at the time I had no choice) and was feeling like I had "replaced" her with Chrome, but I feel better now. She's happy with her herd and his grand kids are learning how to ride on her. She even taught a bunch of Japanese foreign exchange students how to ride! It was the one thing they wanted to try before they went home so I'm happy she gave them the opportunity to ride. :) I'm proud of my girl.

And because this is Chrome's blog and I love him to pieces, here is a picture from yesterday. :)


  1. Lady is very pretty but Chrome is gorgeous! It's too bad you couldn't ride her.

  2. She is so pretty! I'm not a fan of Appys, but if they all looked like her, I would be a fan.

    It's rough when they get old, but it sounds like she is leading a good life. That is what is the most important.


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