Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Clicker & Continuous Shooting on my Camera

I did a short clicker session with Zeppelin. This time I stayed standing up and had him walk to touch the target. He sniffed my hand and the length of the stick, but you could tell he knew he was supposed to touch the ball and was just exploring. He followed me around the pasture happily. I didn't do it long because I was developing a headache.

I played with Chrome out in the pasture before breakfast and hopefully got some awesome pictures lol. I've finally discovered the continuous shooting function on my camera (after having it for two years lol) and it's so great for those movement shots. On the normal auto setting I could get maybe one shot per trot and it was never the right stride. With this function can get about fifteen per trot and they are great. The quality obviously isn't the best, but still very cool.

We had fun playing at liberty together. He was trying his hardest to stay right next to me. He'd get irritated when I'd change direction, sneaking away and would shake his head at me. He also arched his neck and trotted in place next to me. It was so cute! We played in the pond a bit too and he actually offered the smile on his own without a cue. :) When we walked back up to the barn I asked him for the smile once and he did it. I got pictures of it too. :D

A little while later we were outside petting Chrome and talking. I was standing beside him with my arms over his back just petting him. Then on a whim I asked my husband for a leg up. He boosted me across Chrome's back on my stomach. I lay across his back for about a minute. While up there I was rubbing him on the other side. He thought I was tickling him asking for a lateral flex, so he wrapped his head around, touched his side and then started looking for his treat. He was so cute.

He didn't seem bothered by my weight at all! He didn't act concerned in the least. He never tried to move, he wasn't tense or anything. I was so afraid when I laid across his back for the first time that I would break him lol, but he felt big, solid and steady. Even at fifteen hands he feels a good size (although I can't be totally sure because I didn't sit up), so even if he doesn't make it to sixteen hands I won't be upset. :) I can't wait to sit on him for the first time, but I won't be doing that until he's three. So I'm proud of my boys. :)

Anyway here are some more pictures.

I had the camera a little tilted, but it was cute how he was shaking his head hehe.

I think this is the best one for stepping under himself,
but I hope he develops more reach when we get the hock
soreness taken care of.

He really has some nice knee action when he's showing off. :)

Another showing his knee action and arched neck. I love this shot.

And some really cute 'almost' smile pictures lol.

He actually did smile when I asked him, but with the continuous shooting I got some really cute half smiles hehe. He hasn't refused to do it or acted confused at all.

And here are some galloping sequence pictures.

And chasing the donkey lol.

Then he had to play with the goat. :D

And back to the donkey.

Well, that's all for today. :D


  1. Great pics I'm exactly the same with cameras, I only find out what a button does after two years lol!

    If you look on youtube for Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling he has some great vids of him playing at liberty with horses, very inspiring :)

  2. Wow--you were laying on his back! That must have been exciting. Next time, click him when you are there, slide off and give him a treat. I did that with Cole. I also jumped up and down at his side a lot and clicked him for standing quietly while I did it.

    Your pictures are great, but then they always are.

  3. Great photos! Zep looks so tiny in that first photo. Crazy! Chrome is so handsome!


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