Saturday, February 12, 2011

Very Nice Clicker Session

I worked on backing with a rope wiggle again. He did great! He tried twice to back up a few steps and then walk forward for a treat before I clicked, but I just ignored it and had him back again. I stayed very gentle with the rope this time. It was funny when I put the halter on him and picked up the end of the rope he started backing before I even wiggled it!! What a good boy!

After that I did some head lowering. He still brings his head immediately back up. I'll have to work on duration next. I want him to learn to put it down and leave it there until I tell him okay. Practice, practice, practice. :)

Then I worked on leading from both sides and halts from both sides. I wasn't even holding the rope. I worked on backing from both sides (me facing forward and backing with him). I also worked on hindquarter yields again on both sides. I forgot to work on them last time. I think it's time to be more selective on those because sometimes he gives me a lazy one where the inside foot doesn't cross the outside foot and other times he gives me a really good one that's a whole quarter of a turn! I'll start only clicking those and then ask for another step. I have to remember to keep increasing the criteria or we'll get stuck. After the yields I did some more head lowering and then called it quits. All in all I think it was a great, if short, lesson. :)

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