Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Clicker & Chrome's Pissy Attitude

I decided to work with Chrome this morning because it's supposed to start raining sometime today and I figured I wouldn't want to after work. Unfortunately I did the session before he had breakfast so he was pissy and snatchy. I just reviewed the things he knows.

First I worked on head lowering, using my hand as the cue. He's gotten to where he lowers his head, but also snatches it away trying to get my hand off, so I only clicked for the times when he lowered his head straight down without pulling away. I also clicked while my hand was still resting on his head instead of taking it away. I'm hoping this will help us add duration in too. I just want to work on the snatching away first. I only did it a couple of times because of his snotty attitude. Once I accidentally clicked him for lowering his head . . . just as he tried to take a huge chunk out of my boot! Brat! He needs to be gelded! I'm trying to figure out a way that I can afford it . . . I wish my husband's back would get better.

After that I worked on his lateral flexion. At first he wanted to yield or just walk off. I let him, but he got no click or treat for it. He finally paused long enough to notice I was tickling his side so he swung his head around. At this point he was still being a bit grabby about the treats, but doing a little better. I worked on both sides. His left side is definitely his better side.

Then I worked on hindquarter yields. He kept wanting to walk off, but I only clicked the ones where he yielded without taking steps forward first. He also wasn't wanting to step under himself, so maybe he was stiff. I don't think he's any more of a morning person than I am lol.

After yields I did some backing alongside me with my hand on his chest. He did them, but not very happily. He was just impatient and bratty the whole time. After that I just stood there and ignored him while he walked around and acted ugly. When he finally positioned himself on my left side and stood still with his ugly face away from me I clicked and ended the session. I think I need to work on Grownups some more because he's being passively muggy. Again I think most of the attitude was from an empty tummy. He works a lot better on a full stomach. I guess he can't concentrate when he's hungry lol. Tomorrow I'll try to do our session after breakfast, but before work if I can squeeze it in. I may just feed earlier than I normally do.


  1. I can't concentrate on an empty stomach, either. I'm sure he was acting like that because he didn't get his breakfast, yet, too. I would expect the same from Cole.

    I hate when I click when he does something bad by mistake. I happens at least once a week, but nothing bad has happened from it. I guess he needs more than 1 click to learn something.

  2. The more I read the more you describe old Enzo(I too also tried clicker training, it didn't work for us). I no longer give any treats by my hands. I only give them in his bucket when I first meet him and that is it. He has much better respect for me and all his attitude to his "human treat dispenser" is now gone. Just a thought to think about??? I am not telling you what to do. But, I am very happy I changed my ways with my dominant gelding Enzo. Plus he was the same way after being gelded. So don't think gelding will fix it all. It might and might not. Have fun always!


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