Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Clicker, Umbrella Story Instead

I didn't have a clicker session because I was just soooooo busy. I did want to tell you about something yesterday though. I had Storm out on the lease land so she could play in the snow and I was taking pictures. Because the snow was coming down so heavy I had the umbrella out to keep my camera dry. At one point I had Storm on one side and Chrome on the other, both about fifteen feet away from me. Storm was wandering off so I turned to look at her and to call her back. Next thing I know I hear thudding hooves and the umbrella gets halfway jerked out of my hand!!! Chrome actually tried to steal it from me!! I managed to hold on to it because he didn't get a good grip before turning to gallop away. It was so funny and cute! Do you think our desensitization session with the umbrella worked? :D


  1. LOL. Sounds like the desensitization worked!!

    You should get him a big ball to play with. He would probably love that.


  2. Ha ha! Thanks for leaving that comment with all the additional resources on clicker training. You have a good point about separating the horses since they may not know whose behavior is getting the clicker response. I did actually lock Gabbrielle in the round pen for a little while because she was getting aggressive with the mugging and not letting me work with the other horses.

  3. I'm trying to hold in the chuckles as I sit at my desk at work. That is hilarious.


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