Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Short Clicker Session

I had a really short clicker session with Chrome this morning because it was cold and all he cared about was breakfast. I worked on having him take treats nicely first and he actually did really well. The only difference is I was back to wearing gloves again . . . hmm . . .

When I started working on hindquarter yields he walked off to his stall wanting his breakfast so I put a halter on him and took him a long way from his stall and the feed shed, hoping that would help him focus on me. Zep followed us.

Apparently that worked because he did really well with his yields! By the time I finished he was yielding his hindquarters with just a point and step toward them from me (no touching), perfectly on both sides! I was so proud of him, this being only our third time working on yields. I worked on some backing with me facing him and then I fed him breakfast. I want to try working on backing with me not moving my feet (to the end of the rope), but I'll do that on a day when he's focused since it's a brand new behavior for him. :)

Oh and he was constantly offering a head lower so I guess I need to work on stimulus control now. :)


  1. Awesome!

    It sounds like he's making a lot of progress with the backing, HQ yields, and head lowering.

    Isn't it fun when you can see that they're really starting to understand something?



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