Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oops, hehe.

I got so carried away with taking pictures (over six hundred) that I forgot to have a clicker session with Chrome. Oops. We had a ton of fun playing though. Here's a sneak peek of some pictures to come . . .

I love this colt! I was out playing with him on my lease land and my neighbor's guest (that I've never met) actually yelled across the pasture that he was just beautiful. :D Makes a momma proud! At one point he got tired of following me so I just went for a walk across the pasture by myself and then I faced him and squatted down on my heels. Never fails, he started toward me. Then he trotted. Then he galloped. He galloped all the way to me and skidded to a halt at arm's length for his scratches. :D He's so careful about space. I noticed a few times that he wanted to turn his butt to me, but he never got close or kicked out or anything because he knows that kind of play isn't allowed.

Zeppelin hates the snow and was trying to ignore him. When Chrome became too persistent Zep told him to knock it off . . . with both rear hooves! Luckily the blow didn't land. :) I wish I'd gotten it on video, but I didn't. Darn.

Anyway we had a blast and we all got a ton of exercise. Chrome was much better with the dogs. He stills chased them and did try to stomp Jackal (who curled up in the snow and wouldn't move) once, but other than that he was fine and kept his distance. He scared me though when he almost trampled Jackal! Luckily they were okay and Jacker pup stayed closer to me after that. :) Anyway sorry for rambling. I'll get pictures resized and up on my Farmer blog as soon as I can. Night!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your photos!!

  2. ohh, great photo!

    I'm looking forward to seeing more. :)


  3. after reading your comment on NM i wanted to ask your advice about clicker training my horse.

    i have run into a wall though and maybe you can help me - althogh baasha shakes hands, he doesn't lift his legs as high as i'd like, and withholding the click/treat does not help. do you have an idea for what i can try to get him to improvise and try harder?


I appreciate all comments, advice and questions! Your comments are what makes blogging so worth it. I love to hear from my followers, so thanks for taking the time to share your comments. :)