Monday, February 14, 2011

No Clicker

I didn't do clicker with Chrome today. I've had really bad sinus headaches every single day (all day) for a week now so I opened up the house so it could air out and spent every spare minute that I wasn't at work cleaning the house. I'm washing everything made of fabric (clothes, curtains, blankets, pillow, etc), vacuuming the floor in every single crevice (futile attempt to battle dog hair) and dusting everything. I'm also trying a different kind of sinus medicine so I did get some relief today finally!! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous though, so I'll definitely try to get out and do something with him tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Oooh...sinus headaches can be killers. The only good thing about winter, here, is that I get a lot less of them. Tylenol Sudaphed works great for me, but it makes me crazy!!! My head starts flying around. I only take it when I'm desparate.


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