Monday, February 7, 2011

Farrier Came Early Yay!

I showed my farrier the video of Chrome and she came out today instead of next week. She said the soreness is in his hock, which is what I'd been leaning toward because he sort of picks up his whole leg and swings it forward instead of flexing through the hock. Warming him up seems to make it go away, so that's good. Since trims make it better she thinks it's probably caused by the angles his club foot makes. He also seems worse when he's going through a growth spurt. We're going to keep watching his club foot and maintaining it and see if that helps. :)

Chrome did fairly well today for his trim. He was definitely trying to pull away with his sore leg and he was just in general being impatient. I'm not upset with him though because it's just young horse antics. My farrier is very patient. It was funny when she was working on his sore leg he stretched it straight out behind him for a minute! I had never seen a horse stretch like that. Maybe that made it feel better. :)

I wish I'd had my camera after the trim because he galloped down to the lease land to find the donkey and he was moving so beautifully! Gorgeous! So, the news is good so far. :)


  1. I'm so glad that trimming helps. I've noticed that trimming also helps Gabbrielle's limp, which had gone away, but came back after my farrier failed to trim off all her flare. She has one front hoof that flares out like a ski jump. I have to keep reminding him to take the excess toes off both her and Lostine. They always walk so much better when he does that, but for some reason he chooses to leave their hooves long.

  2. Good to hear that his lameness isn't serious! Yeah, I'd let her ride for a free trim, any day!


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