Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chrome Training Video (and a cute one too!)

Notice that he's finally growing withers hehe.

I was going to take Chrome for another two mile walk, but he was being so responsive and awesome I decided to work on some of the other stuff he knows that we haven't necessarily worked on while out on the road much. We worked on walking, trotting, halting, backing, lowering his head (for voice cue only yay!!), yielding shoulders, etc. We had one bad moment which you will have to just see in the video, but after watching it I honestly don't think he really did it on purpose. I scolded him and made him get out of my space and then we continued on with our work as if nothing had happened. I also apologize for my horrid fashion sense lol. Today was my cleaning day and all of my jeans were in the wash so I'm wearing some awful capris (with tall socks ahh!). Oh and I'm wearing Mechanix gloves because I couldn't find my riding gloves hehe. :)

Oh and I completely forgot to mention I finally got a whip. It isn't a dressage whip because they didn't have any. It's a bit longer than a dressage whip and the best part is it's blue! The same blue as his awesome halter. :D Here is a video of Chrome's opinion of the whip . . .

Isn't he just adorable?? Now here is the video of our training session. I shortened it as much as possible so it wouldn't bore you. I think I have it broken up into short enough sections to keep everyone's interest. Let me know what you think!

I was happy with how he did. Obviously I wasn't pleased that he almost stepped on me (he didn't hurt me at all thank goodness!) but it does show me that I'm just too relaxed about him being in my space. I need to be more alert to where he is in relation to my body and keep him off of me so these things won't happen any more (or worse). Over all though I think it went well. The sad part is the best part wasn't caught on video. I was walking down the road with every intent of doing the full two miles but he was being so awesome I turned around and asked my husband to grab the video camera, so you're not even seeing his best work. He was getting bored by this point. :) The part I was most excited about was that he was doing "head down" with a voice cue only!! Normally I have to at least point at his neck to get him to drop it, but this time he was doing on voice cue. I am so excited, because I wasn't sure if he actually listens to voice cues. Apparently he listens more than I give him credit for. Anyway sorry for rambling. I look forward to reading your comments!


  1. Yay for Chrome! You guys are doing great!

    I love the donkey!

  2. How awesome! You do such great work with him. And he is such a good boy.

  3. I am glad he is coming along so well for you. Have you worked with him more in his new halter?

  4. Appy, nope, I haven't had time to work with him in the new halter, but I will because I want to try ground driving again soon and if he won't listen to a flat nylon halter I know he won't listen to a cavesson. :) I still have plenty to work with him on lol!


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