Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I made a sidepull bitless bridle!!!

When my friend gave me that old Wintec saddle she also gave me this dressage bridle. I turned it into a sidepull bitless bridle by simply shortening the headstall and putting the noseband through the loops where the bit normally goes. After work I'll buy some rings to put where the noseband is (where the bit normally goes) so I can attach reins. Cool huh? I'm so excited because I've been looking at ideas on the internet for months on how to make my own bitless bridle and I finally thought of this all by myself lol. :D Here is a video if my written description doesn't make sense. Chrome's expression at the end of the video is awesome lol.

Also how much do you think I can sell this amazing two headed horse for??

P.S. Sorry for any errors. Running late and no time to proofread!


  1. That's pretty ingenious, nice work! I might have to borrow this idea.

  2. Ha! That's pretty clever! Some of those things cost a fortune.

    No market for a two-headed horse here. My one-headed horses outsmart me on a daily basis. I don't even want to contemplate the shenanigans a horse could get up to with two brains!

  3. You did a great of creating a bitless bridle. Very ingenious!
    Lol, at the two headed horse!!

  4. Love it. I thought of using a bit less bridle with Pippi. Two years ago I only rode I her halter with reins attached when she was growing her second set of wolf teeth. But now she is super head strong I think she'd just pull thru a bit less. Great idea tho making your own. I bet it will work better then a bought one.

  5. Quite clever!! I love any ideas about saving and reusing, so this is FANTASTIC!! as it is both. Yay for you!!

  6. I love your bitless bridle!

    It looked even better in the later post when you added the rings.


  7. I like that you used a English headstall for the side pull. I have a homemade noseband and don't want to break my mare using a bit. My boyfriend thinks my mare Is making me look like an idiot. I am going to try and avoid using a bit. If my ancestors didn't need them why should i

    1. Thanks!! I used it successfully for two years but then I switched to a snaffle bit because he got a little pushy when we ride off property and he got excited. I plan to switch back though when he's not so green and excitable. Good luck with your mare!!


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