Sunday, January 15, 2012

I LOVE Chrome!!! a.k.a. He redeemed himself!

Okay Chrome totally redeemed himself!! I learned from my mistakes and was a lot better prepared. I put him in the rope halter, but didn't have a whip because my feed store was closed (duh Sunday) and TSC (Tractor Supply) didn't have any of the kind I wanted. Oh well. I'll get one tomorrow. The picture above shows that he is capable of actually stepping under himself lol. He was eager to go, but not over-excited this time.

My friend was able to go too, so I got much better pictures this time. :D Hubby was out of town helping my dad put shingles on his roof so that's why he wasn't there to help either day. So anyway, back to the point, Chrome did awesome! He was still excited when we passed the horses and he did spook once when something next to us in the woods made a big noise (deer?). He teleported two feet sideways, but that was all. He was instantly calm again. :) We ran into another friend with her kids in the car so he said hi to them too. Chrome has gotten to where he loves visiting with people in cars because there are always kids to see lol.

Chrome listened so much better and only tried to snatch grass a couple of times. As soon as he realized he couldn't he gave up. :) On the way back by the store my friend's uncle pulled in so we actually went into the parking lot since his truck blocked anyone else from running over me and Chrome. We visited for a little bit and Chrome was great. It was too funny because I didn't even realize his front feet were next to me and his rear feet were up on the sidewalk the whole time LOL. Sorry boy. :)

On the way back home we stopped at the neighbor's house so my friend could meet their adorable five month old colt. Chrome enjoyed meeting the other horses, but he gets so excited because he hasn't really been around other horses much (just mine). So I just moved him away from them and he stood quietly (and played with the cat). Anyway sorry for writing so much. Here are the pictures.

I asked him to lower his head once and then he started offering it on his own. He's getting a lot better about holding it too. He can do ten steps with only one bob back up and back down. :)

When I give him his treat I'm making him back at least three steps before he can have it. He's figuring it out so quickly!

When we passed the church again he finally spotted his reflection in the glass door! It was so cute! We had just walked passed the neighbor's horses so he was excited and when he saw himself he puffed up and was staring. Too cute.

Walking along he gets a nice long stride. :)
He has a pretty impressive, forward walk at times.
Does he look thin to you?

Gorgeous boy got to carry my jacket again. I love short sleeves in January. :D

I love his expression in this picture. :)

I love how when I ask him to smile if I don't immediately give him a treat he keeps creeping forward and smiling until he's all stretched out. So adorable. :D

Sorry about the weird angle. I wanted to include the awesome clouds. I love how he's resting his toe in this one. He's so cute.

A real pose. Too bad for the jacket, this is a really cute picture.

A couple of sky shots to show how absolutely gorgeous our evening walk was. I love this kind of weather.

And then we stopped at the neighbor's house.

And Chrome met his first horse friendly cat (our cat runs from him). LOVE his neck!!

Blurry, but I so love this shot. That cat was rubbing all over him and Chrome was wiggling his lip like he was grooming another horse. They were just too adorable together. At one point Chrome nudged the cat and the offended kitty stepped back and looked at him like he was so rude LOL!

Well, that's all! I'm so happy he did so much better today. It makes me feel a lot better about how icky yesterday was. Yesterday was just one of those days that happens and we just have to move on. Well we totally did. :) I love my colt!


  1. What a difference a day makes (and a rope halter). You did great taking him for another walk. It sounds like he was just excited and distracted that first day out. You are doing great things with his training and he is coming along so nicely. You are preparing him well. He's a very good boy.

    And blue is a good color on him. I like both of your halters.

  2. Hey Chrome!
    Wow, you are such a beautiful horse! I love all of your pix, but your smile gave me a big chuckle. Congrats on your walkie and it looks like that kittie wants to be your furiend.
    BTW: Gorgeous sky!!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. This halter fits at the jaw. :)

    I love your posts, and I think you do great work with him. Can't wait for May when you saddle up.

  4. I am glad yesterday worked out so much better for you. I am glad he behaved so well, I know how frustrating it can be to have an inconsistently behaved horse.

  5. You go girl! Nice work. Love the photos of the sky.

  6. WOW! Has he grown! I have been so absent I can't believe how big he has gotten! He is looking great!

  7. Pippi does the same thing with cats. She loves them. Glad chrome was better this time

  8. I'm glad you/he had a better day. I love watching horses interact with other animals and seeing what kind of relationship they develop. The kitty pics are cute.

  9. Re; cuddles. I still cuddle her, but I try to make sure that I show my love in a more grooming kind of way. LOL. I brush her, use my hands to "bite" her neck, and scratch her mane. I do make sure that I approach her to cuddle, and not allow her to start the cuddle session. I do still hug her, which she loves, and joke about how she is always so smart that she always knows first when the hug is over.
    Re; making hole in halter. You can use a hole punch, and then melt the edges with a match so that it does not frey. Or better yet; get a grommet kit at walmart or the craft store, and make a proper hole. The lose throat latch probably gave Chrome a sense of freedom. :)

  10. We would have loved to have seen that in person. Mommy gets a kick out of me (Arty Mouse) loving all over Fenris (our doggie) so she would have been drooling over Chrome with his kitty friend.


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