Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chrome is awesome! Videos!

I went to town to get some plywood so I can build a mounting block and when I got back I found Chrome and Zeppelin playing hard. Chrome was so beautiful galloping around the pasture. Check out this video. P.S. There is a surprise at the bottom so make sure to look at the whole post.

I'm such a bad momma for scaring him lol. He was being playful though because I walked right up to him after and he wasn't scared. I definitely do not ever want to be on his back when he shows off his acrobatic bucking. Here is a collage of screenshots (sorry the quality isn't great in video screenshots) I made of him bucking . . .

For those of you who can't see the video I got some screenshots for you . . .

Chrome is almost always the leader when they go for a gallop.

This is actually the second buck in a sequence here
and donkey got a face full from the first one lol.

Charging in for a bite . . .


Donkey rears up for retaliation as Chrome dives past.

Chomp! Doesn't Chrome look awesome in this shot. He looks like an Andalusian lol.

He had a full flagged tail going on while galloping huge circles around the pasture.

Super trot!! All four hooves off the ground.

It looks like he's staring right at me, but he didn't know I was there lol.
I think he was actually looking back behind him for the donkey who didn't follow him. Too cute!

This was after I spooked him on purpose so he'd flag his tail. Cute!!

And some still shots I got. These first four were continuous shoot so they came out weird.

Donkey is so cute!

Chrome stopped for a drink and Zep was licking him!! Why does he do that?

Look at that drool!

Okay, so after all of this galloping around, playing, bucking and in general goofing off, I did this . . .

Isn't he awesome? He was being mouthy because I gave him treats earlier, but I did not use a halter, rope or treats at all during this video to lead him to the pedestal so I could lay across his back. He walked off the first time I guess because he was still pumped up, but he didn't do anything bad. Then he was perfect on the other side. :) Here are some still shots for those who can't see videos.

Lined up next to the pedestal so I can hop on.

Then he walked off. First time he's done that.
Something we can work on when I actually build my mounting block.
The pedestal is a little low.

Being the good boy he is, he stopped and relaxed.
Does my horse make my butt look big? LOL

Then lined up the other side and stepped up to hop on.

And hopped up. He did great on this side.

He turned to look at me as I slid off. Cutie.

So do you think he'll be ready in May? :D


  1. That Chrome sure is bouncy. Nice to see that he and Zep are pals.

    Hmmmm... not the most attractive mount (hehehe). Chrome looks like "what the heck? where are my cookies?" Great progress!

    Mango Momma

  2. Chrome sure has some beautiful, fluid movements. Remember when you were worried because he was a little off? It sure doesn't look like there's any problem now. He looked s little surprised when you laid over his back, but just soaked it in instead over overreacting, which is nice.

  3. Congrats for catching that video - I'm always wishing I had the camera on me.

    Chrome looks lovely. :)

  4. What good boy and a good mover. You have gotten him off to such a great start in life! Kudos to you!

  5. What fun! They look like great playmates. And Faran peacefully grazing in the background while the little boys play. Very cute.

  6. Starring all three? Faraway seemed very content away from the action, though I'd lobe to see him move too. Love the flowing prance and arched neck of Chrome and the donkey is just too cute. He dishes out as good as he gets! You have a fun bunch of guys!

  7. I don't think I could wait until May! I am getting so excited for you. I thought little Leddie got clocked in that first video, what fun!

  8. Mary, I don't think poor donkey got kicked in the video, but at one point it did look like he hurt his mouth. Chrome galloped off and he just stood their with his head in the air and his mouth open. He was fine in a minutes, but I felt bad for him when it happened. They are such rough and tumble boys lol.

  9. Great photos!

    Looks like he is doing awesome with you leaning over his back.

    He is totally going to be ready for you to ride him in May! :)




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