Sunday, January 29, 2012

Adorable Chrome Pictures

I was digging through the attic and found Chrome's old foal blanket from two years ago. Remember it? Here's a picture of his first day trying it on.

It was way too big for him. Now check it out almost two years later!

Isn't he so cute?? This picture is also a perfect example of how much he crowds me. I was letting him lick my hand as a distraction while my husband took the picture, but as soon as he was done with the picture I made Chrome back up. He stepped back two steps, gave a huge sigh and just stood there. It was so cute. I wish he'd gotten a video of it lol. Now that I'm insisting that he backs up he's getting a lot better. I still need to be better about it though and not let him get so close.

P.S. I am going to punch a hole or two in his halter so that it will fit better, I just haven't had time! We weren't going for a walk so he was fine in it. I think if it fit better he would listen to it a lot better too. :)


  1. Very cute pictures!!! And I wrote you back on my blog. I am not sure if it sends you an email or not saying that?? I am using google chrome, but again I am not sure if it sends reply comments back to you? Take care!!!!

  2. Awe I love it. So cute. I wish we could do that with Pippi but we do have her foal picture for her reg papers

  3. It is so great to look back and remember their journey. The pics are fantastic.

  4. What an adorable baby! I see blue has always been his color. :)

  5. OMG so cute! Growing like a weed, I see!


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