Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chrome & Faran Meet for the First Time! Video!

Okay, my little ragamuffin sure started my morning off like crap! I had to get up at five am to go into work for my assistant manager training and heard a weird squeal. I went outside and shined the flashlight into the paddock by the house where Faran's round pen is. Turns out Faran somehow opened his round pen and Chrome and Zep busted through the gate from the lease land so all three of them were together in the paddock running around through the debris from the storm damage. I totally freaked out.

It took a while to catch them because Chrome was chasing Faran, who still isn't 100% sure about humans. We finally herded them into the round pen and Chrome got distracted by Faran's manure pile which allowed us to catch both horses. We put Faran in his round pen and Chrome and Zep back out on the lease land. I had to rush off to work because I was running late, but my husband kept an eye on the horses.

Chrome never did settle down and finally jumped the chain link fence that runs between our land and the lease land. He made it over with his front end but dragged his rear legs across the fence!!! And this happened with my husband standing right there! Luckily he has a tiny scrape on his hock and a tiny cut on his stifle but appears to otherwise be unharmed.

My husband had to go help some friends move so he put Chrome in the round pen and Faran in the paddock with the donkey so that they could get to know each other across the fence. Faran and Zeppelin were too busy grazing to go up by the barn where the debris is. Before they went off to graze they were all hanging out together. Chrome and Faran were biting at each other when all of a sudden Zeppelin reached up and bit Faran on the neck and then reared up with his hooves against Faran's shoulder. Faran slammed his head into Zeppelin causing him to stagger and then kicked him with both of his rear hooves which bounced the poor donkey off of a tree. Zeppelin left Faran alone after that lol. He's a little stiff, but otherwise unharmed thank goodness considering the size difference.

When I got home from work we decided to put Chrome and Faran together in the round pen so we could carefully monitor their first (err . . . second) meeting and I got pictures and video! You just have to watch the video to get the full scene. It was actually really funny even though it was nerve wracking at the same time. :)

Chrome was being a total punk and totally deserved to be put in his place. I never would have expected Faran to be the boss with him being so timid around us, but he sure put a stop to Chrome's naughty antics. I hope you had the sound up because Faran makes the weirdest, cutest squealing noise almost the whole time. :) So cute!

Faran enjoys playing with Chrome's halter. We eventually had to take it off because Faran was really chewing it hard lol.

I really think Chrome was disappointed that his new friend wasn't a mare lol.

Chrome being naughty.

What a brat! He totally deserves any discipline Faran doles out.

Not a great picture because of the light coming from the wrong direction, but it was the best picture I could get that shows their size difference. Faran is 16hh and 1300lbs. Chrome is 15.1hh and 860lbs. :)

Cutie Chrome getting ready to smile or maybe my husband was pushing him away lol.

My husband getting mugged by both boys lol.

If you enlarge this picture you can see the nasty cut on his nostril that happened last week and the small cuts on his right hock and stifle that happened today. I hope he isn't always so accident prone.

They look like they're sharing secrets. :)

Since they were doing so well together we turned them all out on the lease land. Here is a great video of them galloping together. What a gorgeous pair!!!

For those of you who can't view videos here are some snapshots from the galloping video. They are really blurry but I really like how they turned out. It almost looks like paintings.

Now the boys are acting like best friends . . .

Faran missed having grass. :)

Gorgeous boy!

I wish I could fly spray Zeppelin. He was hiding under the cedar trees from the bugs.

Zeppelin sticks close to Chrome when he can and keeps a wary eye on Faran.

Faran had fun exploring.

Chrome wants to know where his buddy went.

And just because I love my boy, here is a video of Chrome doing a gorgeous canter transition and flying lead change. Maybe he'll be my dressage prospect yet. :D

Today was totally unplanned, but I'm happy it turned out as well as it did. It was really scary this morning. :) Keep your fingers crossed they continue to get along and that everyone stays uninjured for a while lol.


  1. Wow! What a way to start the morning!

    I think I was as nervous as you were at first in the video. I think Faran reminded Chrome of his Momma, I think he had thoughts about getting a snack there at first. Poor little Zepplin (he's so cute), but I'm sure he learned a valuable lesson from Faran. I have a feeling you may have to get used to some scrapes with Chrome for a while, boys will be boys I guess, I'm glad the scrapes don't look too bad. So neat to see them out in the pasture, I wish your battery hadn't died, I think it was just gettin' good. Faran and Chrome look really nice together, I beleive they will be good friends in no time. I know that was a big hurddle for you to get through and it really went well. Phew!

    I fixed the video so you can see it now,'ve got mail, again.

  2. Chrome looks like such a PeeWee next to Faran. Hopefully they have worked things out and Chrome will stop being a bossy doofus head. Poor Zep. But he is clever and won't likely get kicked again.

    Mango Momma

  3. Very cool! Yeah, I am thinking Chrome was really bummed it was not a girl, LOL. Hey, don't be surprised if they come in the next few weeks with bite marks everywhere. Man, Chrome is just like Enzo! Mouth on everything, LOL. Enzo and Kaspin are sparing so harde they are coming in dialy with play hard battle marks. Kaspin has even had 3 legs with hide missing already! Enzo has hundreds of small nipe marks all over the neck and front chest. They both look like 2 wild mustangs out on the range!!! But I know once they figure out things it will even out. But every day I tell both boys to knock it off!! I don't want to call the vet for stitches!! I don't know if they are listening to me though. Have fun and they all look great!!!

  4. I think Faran and Chrome are going to become best buddies. Poor Chrome, was his Mama the last horse he was in with??

  5. I laughed when you told Chrome that Faran is a boy. Chrome sure thought Faran was his toy at first. I'm glad that they just did warning tactics and no serious fighting. When I first brought Gabbrielle home when she was a yearling, Bombay tried to reach over the fence and bite off her ear. Of course, now she chases him around and he sees more of the butt end of her.

  6. Thanks guys! They are already getting along so I'm happy. :) I just hope Zeppelin doesn't feel like a third wheel lol.

    Fantastyk, Chrome was with his mom and four or five other horses until he was five months old. When I brought him home he was with our filly Galaxy for a couple of months, but then she tried to break Chrome's jaw and tried to kick me several times so we found her a home with someone who had more time for her and more experience with kickers. Other than that Chrome has always had Zeppelin. No other horses, just his trusty donkey. :)

    Also Faran is the first horse he's met up close and personal since his hormones kicked in so that makes things interesting. We have the money put back to get him gelded in the fall as soon as the flies disappear. I'm hoping we'll have enough to do Zeppelin too, but I'm not sure if we will. Donkeys are difficult to geld, especially at four years old.

  7. I am so glad no one got hurt during your crazy morning! I would have sprouted some gray hairs.

    It looks like they are going to be fine friends. They are both so very handsome.


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