Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sad News

Sorry I haven't been posting. I took a break from training because it's been hot and I've been busy. I did work with Chrome on our new pedestal, but I'll post about that tomorrow. I wanted to post tonight to say I went riding with my friends and decided to try out my English saddle that I got last year (link here) that I tried on Chrome recently (link here). The sad news is that it's WAY too small for me. Check out this picture.

Sorry the picture isn't great. She was on a four year old Arabian mare who is very inexperienced and didn't want to stand still. I don't know if you can tell from the picture (you can click it to enlarge), but it was incredibly uncomfortable and I actually feel bruised where it was touching in the front. I had the stirrup leathers out as far as they go and they were still too short. So I won't be riding in it, but I can use it for training. Eventually I guess I'll sell it and use the money to buy a new saddle. So I'm sort of sad. The ride wasn't even very fun because of the uncomfortable saddle and I hate the bridle she uses on this horse. He's a good horse, but he belongs to her husband he likes for them to have 'no brakes' so other people can't ride him so he likes to run off with people. He's fine at the walk and trot though. I think he'd do so much better in a regular snaffle, but it's not my horse so I can't do anything about it.


  1. He likes for them to have no brakes?? Really??? That's insane!

    I'm sorry to read about your saddle being too small. What a drag! If I remember correctly, my English saddle is a 17 inch seat whereas my western is a 15. It's too bad sizes aren't universal.

  2. Yes my friend's husband is an idiot. He doesn't like for other people to ride his horse so he tries to make him difficult to control (dangerous in my opinion). It's really dumb. If she had enough horses so that I didn't have to ride Rocky I wouldn't but she doesn't and he's safe so long as you don't gallop him. I could have him working so much better in just a month with a snaffle bit, but like I said it's not my horse. :(

    I normally ride in a 17.5 inch dressage saddle and I'm guessing this one is a fifteen or something because it was very uncomfortable. I'm not complaining though because it was free. :)

  3. Is that a mechanical hackamore? I know a lot of people who like them because they are "bitless," but they are actually pretty harsh. Also, a horse can learn to take advantage and run through one, if not well trained.

    Sorry to hear about your saddle. That's a bummer. :(


  4. Sorry about the saddle, hopefully you can get one that's better suited :) Like the other posters I think to train a horse to have no brakes is insanity!


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