Friday, July 29, 2011

Figuring Out Faran Part II - Video

I added a video to yesterday's post so if you missed it you might want to watch it first.

I have to hurry because I need to leave for work, but I'll be busy this evening so I know if I don't post this now it won't get done today. I think the captions mostly explain what's going on, but basically we put Chrome and Zep in the round pen and worked Faran in the pasture where he doesn't feel so trapped. It was completely up to him if he wanted to stick around and work with us or leave. He had twenty plus acres to do so if he wanted. I'm happy that he decided to stick around. :)

He was very hesitant at first, but quickly remembered our recall game. My husband kept asking him to come until he was finally confident enough to follow him. Check out the video. Faran did awesome. And for fans of Chrome and Zep there is footage of them too, being silly boys.

I'm going to make sure my husband works with Faran everyday because he's going to be one of those horses who needs it. Let me know what you think!


  1. That was hilarious seeing Zep climbing up on Chrome. I wouldn't have edited it out either.

  2. I think he did really good, he seemed very relaxed and happy. I cracked up watching Chrome and Led "horsing" around. So cute, and poor Chrome stomping on his new pedestall, trying to get a treat. Smart boy.
    I can't get over how huge Farans head is, I wish I could see him in person. He's really terrific!

  3. Faran reminds me so much of Star when I first got her, you can see him thinking a lot about things. Star always used to have this fear of punishment if she did anything at all, so in her mind if she wasn't sure about anything you could see her thinking it over, being hesitant etc. The good news is they do learn with clicker that the punishment isn't coming but it took her a long while to realise it and be confident with me.

    I think draft types get an undeserved reputation as "slow and stupid" because they take their time to think much more. Also I've found with Star she surpresses anxiety very well for ages until like a coiled spring it comes out bang from "nowhere" They don't wear their heart on their sleeves like hot blooded horses so I'm always trying to be aware of signs like muscle tension, tight lips, stiff neck etc., that show me she's getting wound up. Star shows high anxiety by flapping her bottom lip like a fish and I know someone with a draft mare who does exactly the same thing.

    Your husband looks like he's making excellent progress and Faran's so lucky he's come to you two :)

    Chrome and Zep's antics did make me laugh! :D


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