Monday, July 18, 2011

Faran's Day Out - Lot's of Pictures

We decided that today was Faran's day so we took him out of the pasture, leaving Chrome and Zeppelin in the round pen since we don't know if Chrome would try to go through a fence again. They didn't even pay any attention to us because they were so busy playing. I'll try to get the video of that edited and posted soon. :)

First my husband groomed Faran while I worked on his mane. We hadn't combed out his mane since he got home because he's still nervous about sprays and it needed some detangler to prevent breaking it. I started out spraying my fingers and combs, then started spraying detangler directly into his mane. He still isn't sure about it, but since it was on his mane he couldn't feel it and we were using the clicker to tell him we wanted calm. He did great.

Faran checking out the scene of a crime. Siberian Husky Torture Brushing!

After that we took him up to the house so my husband could do some work with the water filled spray bottle. When he was fine with that he used the fly spray on him. By that point he was totally chill with the process.

Checking to see if I'm paying attention I guess.

Isn't his mane gorgeous all brushed out?

He looks dashing in his red rope halter too.

Next it was time to go for a walk.

Quality sucks because I was using continuous shooting mode.

My husband asking Faran to walk up close to him instead of lagging behind.

And he listened so he got a click and treat.

More practice leading. Faran isn't used to someone walking on his right side, but he's getting better.

The sun makes his coat look like chocolate. Here he had to stop to look at the little girl running around at the neighbor's house.

This was right after he neighed for Chrome.

Faran only neighed once. Chrome responded with his loud, deep stallion neigh and ran bronco bucking across the round pen. I couldn't see it where I was standing but my husband could. We were about 1/10th of a mile from the house. Faran wanted to turn back, but we kept going and he settled right back into the walk. We turned back shortly after though because I was worried about Chrome since this was the second time they'd been separated since Faran came home (and Chrome's first time being the one left behind). He was fine, so we will go further next time.

Stopping to pose for a bit before turning back.

Getting some cuddles.

Looking back for Chrome.

Walking a bit further before turning back.

Headed back Faran fell back into his lagging behind habit.

When he lowered his head and relaxed he got a click and treat.

He is so gorgeous!

In some of the action shots you can see a rib or two, which means he's a healthy weight . . . but he still seems a bit fat to me. I don't know for sure how much he's lost so far but he looks better than when he first came home. Is it just a lack of muscles? Or because he's so cresty and drafty (he's my first draft horse)? What do you guys think about his weight? Right now he has 24/7 access to pasture (kind of weedy and dry, so it's not too rich) and two pounds of Enrich 32 a day. :)

So when we got home we checked on Chrome. He was fine, so we decided to work on Faran's hooves. My husband started with the right front. He's using a cue of a really light pull on his feathers because that's the first thing most farriers grab for. He started out clicking for him shifting his weight off of that foot, but Faran thought it was for turning his head away lol. So I held his head straight and put light pressure on his shoulder. I quickly realized I was interfering too much. What's the point of clicker training if I'm going to push him around? So I stepped back and put light pressure forward on the rope as if I were asking him to step forward. It only took doing that twice before he stretched his head forward and down, then picked up the hoof on his own. He did it three times and we gave him a jackpot and ended on a good note. I don't want to push him. If he were being a brat that would be one thing, but he's nervous so we;re taking it slow. :)

Walking back for his breakfast.

As soon as we put Faran back up Chrome had to come over and be a jealous brat. Faran quickly put him back in his place. :D Thanks Faran! If you're the observant type, unlike me, you might have noticed Faran is no longer wearing a halter. :) We're confident we can catch him now so we let him go without it. He has some scrapes around his nose either from the others grabbing his halter on top of his nose or from getting into something out in the pasture. Either way it's safer if he doesn't wear it. :)

We were rewarded with these gorgeous action shots. The quality isn't fantastic because I was using continuous shooting, but I still think they are beautiful.

Look at that trot!

Gorgeous canter transition.

Look at that power! Gorgeous!

I can't wait to go for a gallop on this guy!

Isn't he absolutely breathtaking?

And my favorite shot. Our Percheron looks like a Friesian!! :D

So we had a really great day. :) Tomorrow is Chrome's day. I also have some really great news about Led Zeppelin (with video), but it'll have to wait until Wednesday. :)


  1. I think I'm in love!

    B E A U T I F U L!!!

    I don't remember if you posted about his prior life (my bad) Was he mistreated? Do you know much about it? He had such a kind look to him, almost Eyeore like, when you were walking him (winnie the pooh reference). His mane is very nice! Tail too.

    You really captured his power in those photos, you should frame some of those. I'd love to have a photo of the third to last one and the 6th one from the bottom. Honestly, I would like to pay you for a reprint if you would consider sharing.

    I can't wait to hear about little Zeppelin.

    Oh, and Faran doesn't look fat to me at all, he looks great, so shiny and healthy.

  2. He is breathtaking. Look at little Zep running with him. I think Chrome really likes the company even if he is bratty about it sometimes.

    Mango Momma

  3. Well I definitely don't think he's too fat. Draft types seem to have big necks and are well muscled as they should be for pulling stuff, Star's neck is huge for a horse of her size. The area I keep an eye on is her back, when she puts on weight she tends to get a groove appear where fat goes either side of the spine. Her bum is always big and appley though! ;)

  4. Oh my gosh. He is gorgeous. That neck. I love how it rises out of his wither. He does have a Fresian look about him. And I love his donkey running partner.

  5. Those action shots are fantastic! He is a lovely horse. I think his weight is good.

    He seems like he is a good-natured fellow. He just needed to learn to trust, again. I'm sure he will simply bloom with your kindness.

  6. Oh my, I'm in love! Faran looks like a fairy tale horse. He is such a beautiful boy. Great action shots. Cute with the donkey trying to keep up. What an adorable trio you have there. Faran could be a pin-up pony on the wall of Misty's stall. She loves the boys and when I boarded her and she got turn out in a herd, her best friend was just happened to be a big Percheron gelding.

  7. Love that last shot of Faran - beautiful! He looks good :)

  8. Beautiful pictures! I would recommend trying EzAll Green shine and detangler. It is a gel and works better than any detangler I have ever come across, horse or human. Much better than ShowSheen and Cowboy Magic b/c it doesn't attract dirt, those products tend to "show" where they have been applied after a good rolling. A dime sized amount does my TWH's mane and a quarter sized amount does his entire tail.
    Looking forward to his new pedi pics, hopefully he'll have the hoof picking down by next time!

  9. He is a beauty!!

    Have you tried riding him yet?

  10. We haven't tried to ride him yet. We don't know anything about his history except that he was a logger. We know that the woman who had him sent him to training for thirty days under saddle but she doesn't think that the guy actually rode him more than a couple of times because he was terrified of him. He was used to two year old Quarter horses that he could manhandle and he couldn't do that with Faran. Besides as skittish as he is we don't think he's ready so we're treating him like an untouched baby who hasn't had any foundation work. :) It takes a lot of time, but it's safer and kinder to Faran.

  11. He is gorgeous!!

    Absolutely stunning when he moves. Great photos.




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