Friday, July 8, 2011

Chrome playing Chase the Tiger video!

I played Chase the Tiger with Chrome again and got it on video. All I can say is I can't wait to play this game when it's cooler and he's more energetic. He's so beautiful. :D

When they say a camera adds ten pounds they aren't kidding lol. I hate posting videos with me in them, but hopefully you're too busy staring at gorgeous Chrome to pay attention to me lol.

I'm sure you noticed at one point he was kicking at the handkerchief, but it was in my direction. I clicked before he kicked and he didn't even hear it so I know he was completely focused on the target. He was not kicking at me! And he really wasn't anywhere near close enough for me to be in danger. I will be watching out for this though and try not to reward kicks out with the hind feet. Picking his hind feet up toward his body is great because that can eventually lead to collected moves like the Piaffe, but not out! I don't think we're going to be doing the Capriole any time soon lol. Anyway let me know what you think. It's a lot of fun and great exercise. :)

Almost forgot, at the end of the video I was working on yielding his shoulder. This is only our second time practicing it and he's already figuring it out. It's funny because he picked up his right front and held it in the air a second before he realized he was supposed to step across. I was using really light pressure to start out with and increasing it very gradually. I still never had to shove him or anything. I don't want to have to push him around for him to respond to me so I try to keep the cues light. When he figures it out I'll drop my right hand and only cue from where my knee would be in a dressage saddle. :)

Also after we put the camera up and fed the horses I had my husband give me a leg up so I could lay across Chrome's back and fed him treats. He loved it. :D I wish we could have gotten it on tape. I'll set up the tripod next time. My husband worked with Faran too, but I'll do his post tomorrow. I have to get up at 5am so off to bed for me.


  1. I think he really enjoyed that! (I know I did) he's so cute! I loved it when he would stomp on it. I saw Faran come over a watch for a bit, I think he heard the clicker and thought maybe he could get in on some of that treat action,. He was really watching for a while. I'm glad he got his turn. That looked like fun for you both.
    You've talked about his club foot, and I can't see it nor how to identify it. Can you explain that to me some time? I was wondering also, how long it might be until you can atually ride him, he looks pretty ready to me (size wise), what do I know...

  2. I always think games are the most important thing you can do with a horse. Riding is great, but the things you do on the ground really expand their minds. He looks good!


  3. Very interesting. Chrome sure likes playing that game. He's beautiful.

  4. Thanks for the info! Never to much for me. I never knew that about the spine, it makes you wonder really how much damage is done to those poor TB's. Waiting to ride Chrome would be excruciating for me, at least you have Faran you can hop on eventually.
    I came accross the cutest picture of a Friesian the other day on Google, he was only about 12 hands tall, but perfect in every way, it was so cute, I saved it. No matter what size the Friesian it really sounds like the perfect horse all the way around.

  5. Really enjoyed the video, Chrome really looks like he's enjoying himself. I'd never seen this game before and it looks like a great way to move on from the spookbusting I've done by asking Star to approach and touch scary objects. Thanks for posting :)


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