Saturday, July 16, 2011

Faran's First Road Walk & Chrome's First Saddling

I'm excited because yesterday we took Chrome and Faran for a walk out on the roads. It was Faran's first time leaving the pasture since we brought him home and Chrome's first time wearing a saddle! They both did so well. Faran obviously is older, more mature and has been there done that more than Chrome so he was very well behaved and mostly calm about the whole ordeal. He was nervous at times, especially when we went down a neighbor's driveway for a visit, but all in all he did fantastic! Chrome obviously was calm about the walk because we've been doing that since he was five months old, but sheesh he was wanting to be a turd. I worked on Grownups Are Talking (no mugging for treats) before we left and that helped, but he was still being a little mouthy. He also wanted to "herd" and bite Faran. Overall he did well though.

Here's a video of the first saddling. It's probably a little boring. He was being wiggly, but I clicked when he was standing still and he got better. For some reason he really wanted to show off his tricks. He was trying everything lol. He did some perfect shoulder yields, but I ignored everything except standing still because when the saddle goes on I want four still hooves (and mouth!). :)

Please don't laugh at how awkward I was. I haven't saddled a horse in over four years and sheesh it shows. I've also never used shaped pads so I'm not used to how difficult they are to keep straight and wrinkle free. He did well overall and I think the dancing around will become less as the whole situation becomes more familiar. He was tense when I first tightened the girth because I could barely get it on the first hole, but after a second of moving around I was able to tighten it some more. At one point when I'm on the far side I accidentally tightened it too much and when I let it out a hole Chrome gave such a big sigh lol. Too cute.

Faran was watching the whole process. I hope he picked up good ideas and not wiggly ones lol.

Chrome looks so handsome in his saddle! I makes him look all grown up. :)

The flap on this saddle seems more forward than I'm use to . . . is it an all purpose or just an older dressage saddle?

He got bored waiting around. :)

Looking for my husband and Faran.

Come on guys! Hurry up!

Chrome was being a brat trying to "herd" Faran. I wish Faran's face was in this one. The reason I'm adding it to the post is to show the size difference between them.

Chrome walking in his saddle. I can't wait for him to adopt a lower, more relaxed head position.

Trying to sneak off for a bite of grass.

The hulk walking calmly down the road.

Faran was doing so well they ran off and left us. This is when I called them back and they were starting to turn around.

My sweaty boy worked hard (haha) and got a bath shortly after this picture. :D

I'm so proud of both of our boys. Since Chrome is being bratty I'll go for another walk soon with just my husband and Faran so I can get more pictures and video. And I'm sure he'll do the same for me and Chrome. I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. It may not seem like much but for anyone who has started their own young horse you know how exciting the first time wearing a saddle is. :D


  1. Oh boy! I jut sat here with a huge grin on my face while I watched this very important first step and it IS exciting! He did real good. Obviousy he wasn't sure about it at first and had a bit of a "pickle face" on, but he knows you wouldn't hurt him and just let you do what you had to do. I loved that little trot he gave when you first led him away, "hey! wait for me" Very cute. I just love the blonde in Chromes tail, too pretty.

  2. This is going to sound absolutely crazy, but I hadn't even realized how blonde Chrome's tail had gotten!! It happens so gradually and I see him everyday so I just didn't notice. When I read your comment I went back to look at the pictures and my jaw almost hit the floor! LOL I feel so unobservant (which I am notorious for). The inside of his tail next to the skin is a pure white now (at least I notice that part when I brush it hehe). :)

    The trot was my favorite part. It made me so happy. :)

  3. Yay what a great moment to capture on video you've done so well with him! For a first saddling he looked very calm about the whole thing :-)

    Is that a Wintec saddle? I used to have one and the flaps are quite forward cut on it so it took me a few times to get it on the right position on Star.

  4. That is exciting! Chrome did so well. You could see by his expression that he wanted to know what that strange thing was on his back, but he didn't startle or explode. "Hulk" is a perfect description for Faran. He's so muscular.

    Do you tune out the sounds of all those insects? That's one thing about your part of the country that would drive me nuts -- the constant drone of insects. I wonder if people suffer hearing loss from living in that or if perhaps they develop better hearing, because they have to listen carefully over the drone.

  5. Wow, Chrome is really growing up. He took to the saddle quite well. With Cole, I just clicked whenever he stood still, and it only took a few times, and he was a perfect gentleman. I still rub his withers right after I tighten the girth. He seems to like that nearly as much as the click.

  6. you just reminded me of a distant memory - 1989, the first time seeing baasha in a saddle. he was the same color as chrome, with 4 white socks and a star. he looked so grown up too: ) exciting times..


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