Saturday, July 30, 2011

Great News! New Treat.

I'm so excited I think we've found a winner. My husband went to Tractor Supply for something and was browsing the livestock feed aisle and found these . . .

Hay cubes for Miniature Horses and goats! They work perfectly. They are small, break easily (for the most part) into bite sized treats and they're healthy. The only thing that worries me is the high calcium in Alfalfa, but it's only half and it's only for training treats and Chrome's two, so surely it won't affect his growth. Here's a picture showing the size . . .

And Chrome, Faran and Zep all LOVE them. :D That's the best part. Chrome liked the green beans (which I'll still probably use when I can grow some just to mix things up), but the others didn't and the split green peas were too small. These cubes however appear to be perfect. :) Chrome gets a little gummed up (like eating peanut butter), but it only takes him a minute to work it out of his teeth. It didn't seem to distract him from training at all.

Also here is a video I took yesterday just for fun. It's a short one of Chrome playing on his pedestal.

I'm so happy we've finally found something for treats that is affordable, easy to store in large amounts, healthy and easy to prepare and use. :) Yay!


  1. Just don't feed too many at once. They will suck up the moisture out of his gut and also expand in his gut. Or if he drinks water afterwards they also will expand much larger in his gut. You can try adding some to a bowl and adding water to them to see how much larger they get later. Plus, if it's really super hot day you don't want these hay cubes taking his moisture from his gut. But I sooooo understand about trying to save money. This economy sucks and we are all doing it!! Keep up the great work! Looks like all 3 boys are very happy!!!

  2. He sure has that one down. Now he needs to circle.

    Mango Momma

  3. Those look great!! Thanks for the tip :) Love the video - Chrome is so beautiful.

  4. They're like miniature bales of hay, how cute! chrome seems to really like his new "toy". I will be fun to see what all you can do with it. Yikes, from Janine, I guess you better e careful with the new treats, still in very smal treat doses I'm sure every one will be fine. When do I get to see little "Leddy" do some treat work? :-)

  5. Yay on finding a new treat source. I also get the great big bags of sugar free hard candies at the dollar store or at Costco or Sams club. You have to unwrap them but are also pretty inexpensive. My guys, however, love soybeans and bananas. Go figure.

  6. in germany hay pellets cost more than grain. i'm serious, i asked! so the only treat my horse gets is carrots. one kilo per week, 69 cents per kilo. not bad for a snack, but they do mold if not eaten promptly. my horse also gets our uneaten bread, which he did learn to eat just like a german horse! wish i had an american feed store *sigh*


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