Friday, July 15, 2011

Belated Trim Update

Sorry I didn't update about the trim sooner. Above is the only picture I managed to get because the sounds my camera makes were disturbing Faran. I didn't have time after the trim to get any pictures either. What we determined during this trim is that Faran has been trimmed before because he was familiar with the tools, but it's been a looooooooong loooooooong time since he's been trimmed.

My farrier took some time to introduce herself to him and then introduced him to all of the equipment. Then she asked him to pick up a front hoof. He did exactly what he does when we try to mess with his hooves. He dances away from you until he's gets up next to the fence and can't go anywhere. Then he stands really still. Eventually he gives his hoof, but at any time he feels claustrophobic and tries to get away . . .

So we're going to have to do a TON of clicker training with him to get him calm about having his feet handled. I actually don't think he has a problem with his feet, I think it's a space issue. He's had it so drilled into his head to stay away from humans (chasing him away in the round pen) that he doesn't like when we stand next to his body (although he's perfectly fine for grooming and scratches). His major claustrophobia makes me seriously think he's been trimmed in stocks before . . . I'm just guessing though.

So she managed to get the walls down and balanced on his front hooves, but wasn't able to really rasp them so they still look awful, but at least he's bearing weight where he should now. With his rear hooves she basically just worked on picking them up, waiting for him to release and letting him have it back. We'll work hard the next four weeks to get him comfortable having his hooves handled and hopefully she can make better progress next time. I was a little disappointed we couldn't so more, but taking it slow is better than rushing to get the job done and leaving him even more afraid than before.

I'll post pictures when I can. I've trimmed hooves before and know how to use a rasp so I'll clean them up as he allows me to so maybe I can get some nice pictures soon. Wish us luck! Faran is a big boy to be dancing around like a ballerina lol.


  1. Good luck with your trimming progress, am very familiar with teaching/reteaching one how to stand for a trim lol. Looking forward to pictures.

  2. Clicker had amazing results with Cole between his first trim and his second. I'm sure Faran will catch on and you will be able to make a big difference.

    That is how my sister's horse acted, when she got him. Our farrier suspected they used stocks on him--particularly since he was from an amish auction. They do it all the time. The smaller area we trimmed him in, the better he did. He couldn't tolerate open spaces at all. I'm sure he'd be fine, now, out in the open.

  3. I have a feeling that he will be a big boy about having his feet handled in no time. Good for you for knowing how to trim and use the rasp! That will make a big difference in moving toward your goal. He's a good boy!

  4. I used to count myself lucky to be able to pick up one of Star's feet per day but clicker really did help her so much. You sound like you have an excellent, thoughtful farrier and I'm sure you'll soon make progress :)

  5. Zep seems pretty bored with the whole process.

    I remember from my riding days how hard it is to tighten the girth. Some horses push their bellies out on purpose. Tricky devils.

    Chrome is so calm. He really trusts you.

    Poor Dexter jumped up every time he heard your clicker. Ha!

    Mango Momma


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